Favorite Friday Finds 40.0

Happy Friday, everyone-- hard to believe it's St. Patty's day, and there is a lot of snow still getting cleaned up here in NYC.

I've highlighted 4 amazing women so far on my Women Who Inspire Interview Series, and while we will certainly be returning with quite a few more awesome women to come, I've been stockpiling some amazing finds that I wanted to share before some of them become irrelevant. So, Favorite Friday Finds is back for this week!

9 awesome reads are coming your way + 1 RIDICULOUSLY cute surprise at the end. So either save it for reading over coffee tomorrow morning, or tear through some of the stuff that will make you feel all the feels, and inspire some thought!

A Case for Not "Being in the Moment" (via NY Times): Listen, you guys know that I'm all about being present; but this was a fantastic view at the flip side of the coin, and I have to agree to an extent. I think sometimes we try so hard to do the "right thing," it actually detracts from the experience even more. More than anything, I think self-awareness is key.

You May Want to Marry My Husband (via NY Times): I think everyone has read this heart-wrenchingly beautiful letter, but incase you haven't, here it is. Very sadly, Amy passed away earlier this week- may her memory live on and may she rest in peace. 

Group Vacation with Friends- A Guide (via NY Mag): Traveling can be pricey but it can be made FAR more affordable when traveling with people. This was an awesome guide to navigating traveling with a group of friends, which can be very fun but also a bit tricky (w/money, etc).

Process of Breaking Up- A Visual Guide (via Man Repeller): This is so accurate, and anyone who has gone through a breakup or currently going through one can relate on so many levels πŸ˜‚

Behind the Anxiety- The Fear of Being Unneeded (via NYTimes): Fascinating read on how we thrive. β€œIf one lights a fire for others, it will also brighten one’s own way.” 

There are Only 3 Types of Friendships (via QZ): I am most definitely a compartmentalizer, what are you guys??

Negative Emotions are the Key to Wellbeing (via Scientific American): Meaningful misery and accepting pain-- these are things we try so hard to avoid, yet by facing them, we can actually make our lives better.

School Officials Food-Shamed a Teen Girl (via R29): No. Just no. Go away.

Starburst Pink Bags (via The Kitchn): My inner child who loved all the artificial fruity sugary candy in the 90's is jumping for joy at the news of this all pink bag.