Favorite Friday Finds 22.0

Hello lovelies! Happy last Friday of March? Wait, what? Time is flying by indeed. It's been a bit of a rough week over here, but for me spring represents a time of positive change and renewal.
So, I'm doing my best to keep my chin up and embrace the unknown and the inevitable evolution of things in life. 

ICYMI- in celebration of Spring and to add a dash of color/beauty to your day,
I'm starting #floralfriday on my Instagram. The hashtag is already pretty popular, but join in and tag me so I can see what pretty blooms are going on around you!

My two favorites I've seen so far are (of course) the Tulip Festival in Oregon- check these out:

Alright, now onto the main show!
Here are my 9 Favorite Friday Finds that I was inspired by, learned from, and laughed/smiled at this week!


1. Things Rich People Have in Common

While I'm a big proponent on not defining success with what is in your bank account, the data nerd in me is always fascinated by the correlations that habits and personality traits have with successful people-- who tend to be on the wealthier side of the spectrum.
I love the emphasis on HABIT formation and that so much of this list is based on active lifestyle choices- not nature-given talent.

2. This house flip by Magnolia Market

I'm obsessed with the redesigns that Joanna and Chip do, and this house just sung out to me. I love the neutral but cheerful living room, but this kitchen redo had my mouth hanging open for a bit. Goes to show that some renovations and design can really reinvent a space! 

3. One Blogger's Journey: Truth Be Told

I recently discovered Dallas blogger, Ali Schilling of A Dash of Details through her blogger bride series on Style Me Pretty.
Loved her frank and heartfelt words about her personal journey as a blogger, and the all-too-familiar feelings of "am I good enough?" in this highly-saturated blogosphere.



4. How to Give a Great (and Memorable) Toast

I have lots of Maid of Honor duties coming up for my sister's wedding, and one of the responsibilities I've always simultaneously looked forward to and dreaded is the speech-making. Some of these tips are great, and I'll be sure to keep those in mind. 

5. Words You're Pronouncing Wrong

JIF like the peanut butter still feels wrong to say. BUT, I have redemption! I always pronounce "mischievous" mis-chuh-vus, and people make fun of me. But turns out, it is indeed correct!

6. More than Half of What Americans Eat is Ultra-Processed

Gross. And not surprising.
But an important differentiation made here that I wish more people knew is that their frozen spinach is processed too-- ultra-processed is what we should be avoiding. Added sugars, salts, vegetable oils-- all inflammatory foods that's not so nice to your body.

7. The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives

Again, an unusual political post from me, but in light of the current election and state of politics, I encourage everyone to be well-informed. I found this TED talk to be fascinating-- I stress the importance of respectful discourse when it comes to opposing political views, and hurling contentious insults gets us nowhere. So how do we begin to talk productively? By better understanding where everyone is coming from. What principles and priorities guide us? 


8. Bridget Jones's Baby!

I am the ultimate sucker for rom-coms, and I love the Bridget Jones series.
It doesn't hurt that my McDreamy Patrick Dempsey is starring in this too <3 

9. Baby Penguin Meets Human for the First Time!

Too precious for words. All I want in life is a baby penguin to flop on me and take a nap.

What were some of your favorite finds this week?