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Hi there! My name is Minna (pronounced Mee-na) Lee. 

I love photography, travel, good coffee, sparkly people, sports movies, post-its, and I have an borderline unhealthy obsession with baby animals. I nerd out unabashedly over sunsets, kitchenware, old couples holding hands, biomechanics, Myers-Briggs, oxford commas, and behavioral psychology.

A fitting way to describe myself is a jill of all trades-- I'm a personal trainer, nutrition coach, lifestyle blogger, and now founder of a food company, Live 24k. Inspiring and coaching people towards healthier and happier lives is my passion and my purpose, and I'm thankful that I've been able to turn it into a career.

Stretch | Living Minnaly

Where did the word minnaly come from? 

When I was younger, a lot of people would call me by my first and last name together as if it was one word. It always sounded like an adverb to me, as a way to describe something.

So what is Living Minnaly exactly?

I decided to create Living Minnaly to represent the way of living that I strive for: living an authentic life that embraces transparency, the beauty of vulnerability, and courageously standing in one's truth.

Living Minnaly means living life to the fullest- savoring the little things, loving yourself, and pushing yourself to grow and learn, especially outside of that all-too-cozy comfort zone. Feeling the fear, but embracing it and pushing through it anyway. Respecting your health, which means taking care of your body AND mind. 

Happiness lies in the journey comprised of smaller, unexpected joys that sometimes go uncelebrated and unappreciated. Let's savor those things together, yeah? We have one life to live, and it'd be a shame to not squeeze every possible experience and emotion out of it. 

This blog has certainly evolved over time, as my approach to health and coaching has. What used to be a place to find recipes and more technical articles, it is now a 360º hub of information, community, and growth-- because true health is about the 360º.

I hope that my little victories and stumbles can help you draw inspiration and courage from any and all of it. 

Let yourself fall in love- with people, places, and moments.
Turn on that oven you've been using as storage for the first time. 
Take a few seconds to really smell the amazingness of your morning coffee.
Love & appreciate your mind & body for everything it is.

Say yes to a last-minute adventure. 
Overcome your fear of eating in a restaurant alone.
Get off of the damn elliptical and actually try lifting weights (seriously).
Give a little something back to the world. 
Spread that kindness and love. Especially when you don't feel like it.

Live #minnaly.

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