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A Jill of all trades, Minna is a wellness entrepreneur, digital creator, and certified trainer + nutrition coach. Through her platforms and by sharing her own colorful health history with her autoimmune disease + mental health, she empowers people to dig deeper in their personal growth and to take their health into their own hands with a 360º perspective.

Minna has partnered with brands such as Samsung, Refinery29, POPSUGAR, mindbodygreen, The Everygirl, and WeWork to share her expertise and produce meaningful content to further spread her messaging of overall well-being.

You'll find Minna running around NYC with a reuseable tumbler of coffee in one hand and a film camera in the other, wielding one too many totes (eternal #baglady), and trying not to steal other peoples dogs.

about living minnaly

Hi friend! Whew, glad to not be talking in third person anymore.

I’m Minna (pronounced Mee-na) Lee, the creator behind this blog. I created this space back in 2014 to be a health resource hub for my clients when I was a full-time trainer and nutrition coach. Since then, the blog (as well as my perspective) has evolved to be all-encompassing of how to elevate all areas of life; because physical health is symbiotic with mental health and overall well-being. Your health should be the thing that enables you to live out your life’s full potential, and I hope that what I share helps empower you to keep evolving and expanding; to chase fullness over happiness, and to build resilience rather than resistance.

The reason my platform is called living minnaly (my full name mashed into an adverb) is because I aim to lead by living; living an authentic life that embraces the beauty of imperfect vulnerability, courageously standing in one's truth, and creating connection. I am human, just like you, and I’m learning by living every day. I hope that my little victories and stumbles can help you draw inspiration and courage from any and all of it.

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