Bananas Foster Yogurt

I first saw caramelized bananas appear in my friend Nadja's beautiful Instagram feed, where I did a double-take because it looked like she had put scallops on her chocolate oatmeal bowl. Thankfully she clarified it in her caption

They do look a bit scallop-like, no?

They do look a bit scallop-like, no?

While it looked delicious, I'm not normally a fan of cooked bananas, as I'm the type of weirdo that likes bananas with zero sign of brown spots and a bit underripe. They can just be too sweet for me and mushy sometimes. 

But then my friend Joscelyn of the beautiful food blog, Wife Mama Foodie, posted a delicious recipe for Bananas Foster Oatmeal. The shot of the caramel drizzling on top of the bananas is seriously what convinced me to give this one a shot. Plus, the ingredient list is super simple and I have everything in my fridge- you likely do too! It also took literally about 7 minutes to cook up, which is quite fast for a fancy little spin on your breakfast bowl!

I topped my greek yogurt with some of my gingerbread granola, then these bananas foster, and it was basically dessert for breakfast #letsbehonest. This recipe is also the perfect one to use for those overripe bananas I hate so much haha! 

Tip: I personally weirdly preferred these even more after saving leftovers in the fridge- something about the cold, creamy sweetness made it even better!

Head over to Joscelyn's beautiful blog here to get the easy and quick recipe!