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Simple 5-Ingredient Cherry Tomato Pasta

This non-recipe recipe came from a particularly lazy night at home, when I didn’t feel cooking a whole shishkebab of a meal from scratch. Ironically, this meal is entirely from scratch but it doesn’t feel like it and is the easiest plant-based weeknight dinner that is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Takes 5 ingredients, 15 min to throw together, 20 min if you have my crappy knife skills! Gluten-free, vegan, and nut-free, yet high in protein for a simple pasta dish, thanks to the chickpea pasta!

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Pumpkin Sage Risotto (GF + Vegan)

I threw this risotto together the other night, freehand-style, because I just happened to have some arborio rice leftover from making my seafood paella, and canned pumpkin in the pantry— but a bunch of you guys asked for the recipe, so I went to work at refining it to nail down a super easy recipe! This pumpkin sage risotto is gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and vegan, so it’s a pretty easy crowdpleaser amongst finicky stomachs.

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Apple Cinnamon Tahini Oat Pancakes

I’ve been craving all the fall harvest-y flavors and scents, so I knew I wanted to make something with the warming spice of cinnamon and sweet apples (I can only have pasteurized applesauce, as I’m allergic to fresh apples!). I had thrown some tahini in my pancakes before, and it helped add not only a deliciously nutty flavor, it helped the texture of the pancakes become even crisper at the edges yet pillowy soft on the inside— just the way I like them! These are naturally gluten-free (based in oat flour), dairy-free, vegan optional, and nut-free….

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Mixed Berry Oat Crisp (GF/Vegan) Recipe + Sustainable Organic Food Farming

When I found out that I’d be going to the Pacific Northwest to go to see Cascadian Farm for myself in person with The FeedfeedCascadian Farm, I knew that it would be beautiful out there— I just wasn’t prepared for how incredibly scenic it all is and also how much I’d learn about farming practices. It’s so important to know how big of a difference companies can make if they make a commitment to it, and what we as informed consumers can also do to support our food and Earth.

It was also personally just fun to see where the berries for my Blueberry Lavender Tonic came from, as well at the mixed berries for this droolworthy, gluten-free + vegan Mixed Berry Oat Crisp recipe…

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Blueberry Lavender Tonic

I have always loved flavored drinks ever since I was a kid-- there wasn't a strawberry lemonade or a fruity soda I didn't like. But as I grew up and began to love cooking and baking, I came to understand the incredible fresh flavors of REAL foods. The amazing flavor combinations you can create when playing with fresh produce and herbs really blows my mind-- and this is exactly why I am obsessed with the farmer's market, as you guys know through my farmer's market photos of cherishing all that gorgeous produce! I am so excited to share this delicious and healthy Blueberry Lavender tonic recipe that is perfect for a summery gathering.

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Spring Vegan Thai Curry Pasta with Mushrooms + Chives (GF)

Fun fact: I was Banza's OG blogger + recipe developer a few years back when they were still a small, new company (my butternut carbonara is the first recipe on their site and a ton more are on their blog!). It's been really exciting to watch them expand to be a household name now, and I love their fun social media initiatives they do to get people cooking creatively with their chickpea pasta. This month, they're all about #BanzaPlusPlants, and running a fun month-long challenge to cook plant-based dishes. I had been craving a vegan Thai curry dish, so this was the perfect opportunity to try combining some new flavors!

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Choco Chaga Tahini Cookies (GF, DF) Recipe and all about Chaga Mushrooms

I haven't baked spontaneously in what essentially feels like eons, but all I wanted the other night was something chewy and chocolatey without being overly sweet. I was just rummaging for whatever I had offhand and these just came together so quickly.

Knocked these Choco Chaga Tahini Cookies right outta the park the first go around: filled with raw cacao, chaga mushroom powder, tahini, collagen, oat flour, and date syrup, this cookie is actually kind of packed with good for you, immunity boosting nutrients! And it is SO GOOD warm with a glass of oat milk. Now, let's talk about CHAGA for a hot sec.

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Collagen Fat Balls Two Ways: Cinnamon Pecan Chia + Sesame Tahini Walnut

So fat balls are all the rage lately. They are definitely an awesome way to pack in the nutrients with multiple sources of superfoods in a delicious bite-sized snack. So, I made these for my mom for that exact reason!

I wasn't sure which flavors she would like, so I came up with two varieties. Thankfully, she loved both! The Cinnamon Pecan Chia with Maca smelled like a cinnamon bun and tasted like snickerdoodle cookie dough, then the Sesame Tahini Walnut tasted like halva + cookie dough simultaneously! The method to make them is the same, but I've included both variations below.

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Golden Fuel Crepes with Simple Mills

Can I be honest for a second here? Since launching, I had really wanted to make Golden Crepes with Live 24k's Golden Fuel (a turmeric + collagen blend) because my Matcha Oat Crepes recipe is one of my most pinned recipes on Pinterest; but the day I was trying to make them, I was having a really off day in the kitchen and the crepes were turning into a crumbly mess of too thick or too thin and brittle golden failures.

So I got a little scared off of them. But when I teamed up with Simple Mills (an amazing food company that shares Live 24k's values of food without fillers) to bring you guys an easy but 💣.com healthy recipe, I was dying to try their most popular Pancake & Waffle baking mix to give these gluten-free, dairy-free Golden Fuel Crepes a go again...

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Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cookie Sandwiches with Cranberry Chia Jam: Cookie Swap

Baking was my first love in the kitchen. Long before I started to learn how to cook, I was using a hand mixer and learning my way through over-beating cookie dough, making cakes, and generally getting covered in flour and butter.

Then Hashimoto's happened. And while I initially tried making my own gluten-free flour to continue baking, I just found it too labor intensive and I started viewing baking as too tedious to indulge in, time-wise. So that hand mixer of mine got relegated to collecting a bit of dust, especially given how crazy things have been lately.

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Holiday Spice 'Sweet n' Spicy' Blender Muffins

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to kick off the season of giving with my feedfeed family with a community Thanksgiving meal with Vitamix in the gorgeous new feedfeed space in Brooklyn and the launch of the Vitamix Explorian Series. Each of us editors were tasked with whipping up a festive recipe, using Vitamix's Winter Spice Seasoning recipe that just screams the holidays with its dizzingly delicious festive scent and flavors full of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, pink peppercorns, orange peel, and more. There's nothing I love more than utilizing my Vitamix to simplify traditionally laborious recipes, so I decided to make an easy and healthy blender holiday spice muffin that has some sweet and some spice!

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Matcha Mini Muffins with Collagen (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

I've been having SO much fun doing my "Feedfeed TV" Instagram Stories takeovers. If you guys haven't been following along yet, it's a little quick series where I show you guys one workout move and a easy, healthy recipe. This week I got to share one of my favorite lazy girl recipes: my Matcha Mini Muffins! They are made with oats and banana in a blender, so it is naturally gluten-free + dairy free, AND there are no added sugars. I also, of course, added my favorite collagen, to boost up the protein content and nutrition factor.

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How to Make Bone Broth: Tutorial + Tips

I have been waiting forever to make this post for you guys! Bone broth is something I had been sipping and slurping since I was a teeny thang, thanks to my Korean roots. In Korean culture, that silky, rich broth is a go-to for cold weather days, sick days, and days after a rough night out. I didn't realize this back then, but bone broth is ridiculously nutrient dense and healthy. 

Bone broth is also one of the foods I credit for helping heal my gut health and managing my inflammation from my autoimmune disease (Hashimoto's), thanks to the abundance of collagen and minerals that get extracted out of those grass-fed bones. So I was...

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Protein-Packed Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are always such an easy and delicious breakfast option for post-workout or just a busy morning. My classic overnight oats + pumpkin overnight oats are some of my most pinned recipes on my blog, but I wanted to add one more easy overnight oats recipe to your morning repertoire-- this time, with a focus on protein and those healthy, anti-inflammatory fats!

As usual, overnight oats recipes are highly customizable to fit your dietary needs, but this recipe is inherently gluten-free and dairy-free. The protein champions in this recipe come from my favorite collagen and peanut butter, but there's also some in the pepitas and chia seeds. 

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Shroom Super Soup with Bone Broth

I'm that crazy person that thinks of their meals as a grocery cart from those old game shows where contestants would race to fill their carts with as many items as possible in 2 minutes. Whenever I make myself food at home, I think of any and all weird ways that I can boost the nutritional components of it in a delicious way-- it's like a game for me! I especially do this with smoothies, salads, and soups, because they're such easy vehicles for a variety of ingredients. This healing, gut-friendly, anti-inflammatory bone-broth based mushroom super soup is one of my favorites lately when my body is in need of easy nourishment. 

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Roasted Cranberry Orange Maple Chicken

Now that the new year has begun and everyone is in full-fledged health mode, this is also the time to remember that sustainably healthy eating should be delicious, fulfilling, and convenient. 

Meal preparation doesn't have to be all about that tupperware or steamed chicken. Especially after your body is still likely used to the heartier eating over the holidays, it's more realistic to not go from full family dinners with no holds on the butter to steamed dry chicken and bland asparagus. Eventually, that will usually lead you to dive headfirst into something not so desirable for your health goals-- I think we've all been there! Enter this roasted cranberry orange maple chicken that keeps things healthy but is...

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Gingerbread Pancakes

I'm gonna be honest. With my crazy travel and work schedule this year until the holidays, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to squeeze holiday baking in. Which makes me sad, because I adore this part of holiday festivities and more importantly, I'll miss out on my favorite gluten-free gingerbread cookies. So my gingerbread granola is a great one to turn to when I want to make a big batch to eat throughout the weeks, BUT, I wanted to whip up something dessert-like that takes less time than baking cookies. 

Enter, these gingerbread pancakes. HELLO. That are gluten-free, vegan, unbeknownst to whoever you feed them to, because it just tastes like straight up fluffy gingerbread heaven in pancake form.

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Butternut Squash Purée

Healthy, simple butternut squash purée. 

That's all I was craving a few weeks ago, as you might've seen on my Insta. While I've shared my recipe for a butternut squash carbonara (w/sage-maple bacon!) before, I've never shared my super easy and quick recipe to throw together a delicious butternut squash purée.

This butternut purée is one of my favorite things to throw together on a weeknight because it doesn't require preciseness on cooking technique/spices or hovering over the stove, and it's also so versatile for the many different ways you can eat it.

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