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Favorite Friday Finds 40.0

Happy Friday, everyone-- hard to believe it's St. Patty's day, and there is a lot of snow still getting cleaned up here in NYC.

I've highlighted 4 amazing women so far on my Women Who Inspire Interview Series, and while we will certainly be returning with quite a few more awesome women to come, I've been stockpiling some amazing finds that I wanted to share before some of them become irrelevant. So, Favorite Friday Finds is back for this week!

9 awesome reads are coming your way + 1 RIDICULOUSLY cute surprise at the end. So either save it for reading over coffee tomorrow morning, or tear through some of the stuff that will make you feel all the feels, and inspire some thought!

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Favorite Friday Finds 39.0

Happy weekend, everyone!

This edition of Favorite Friday Finds is coming to you a day late, because this past week has been quite topsy turvy in terms of changed schedules and last-minute appointments- sorry guys! But I've got a great roundup for you that I've been amped to share, because there have been a lot of great reads I've stumbled on in the past two weeks. This will also be an abbreviated version like this one for time's sake (on my end), so you can have some fun weekend reading while sipping that morning coffee 😊

You know that feeling...

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Favorite Friday Finds 38.0

Before we get to a few personal updates and my Favorite Friday Finds, I cannot not mention the biggest thing happening today.

Today is... an interesting day in our nation and world's history. Without jumping in, I will say that more than ever, I firmly believe that we all rise together. I believe in individual accountability for a greater good. It is ALL of our responsibilities to love harder, empathize more fiercely, speak up louder, and fight like hell for what is just. Today, in a day that many are inclined to feel trepidation, disappointment, fear, I encourage you to actively love on one another because we are stronger and more capable together ❀️️

+ personal updates, and a super edition of Favorite Friday Finds...

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Happy Holidays + Favorite Friday Finds 37.0

Happy Holidays, my dear readers!

Merry Christmas + Christmas Eve this weekend to those of you who celebrate, Happy start of Chanukah tomorrow to my Jewish friends, and simply wishing everyone a festive and loving time with whatever holidays they celebrate and rejoice in!

Firstly, THANK YOU to you all for your continued love and support this year. From always...

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Favorite Friday Finds 36.0

Happy Friday, everyone! We are heading at full speed 'til Christmas it seems!

Been busy gearing up for a lot of fun content coming your way for the rest of this month, and I'm thrilled to finally be getting my first weekend at home in over a month to catch up on some stuff. I'm also SO excited to get my new computer next week. That is the understatement of the century haha!

Here are the 7 things that inspired me, that I learned from, and that made me laugh/smile this week:  

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Favorite Friday Finds 35.0

β€œWhen I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”

Hello and Happy Friday! Boy, do I have the best finds for you this week- not only fun and interesting stuff, but some straight-up darn useful stuff for the upcoming holidays!

How unbelievable is it that Thanksgiving is less than a week away now? It's hard to believe that we are already in full-on holiday season mode now, but I actually am already feeling the holiday spirit. I love seeing the holiday Starbucks cups all around, the lights and decor going up, gift guides, and other festive cheer. I think we could all really use the giving spirit of the season in many ways this year after a rocky November for a lot of people in light of recent worldly happenings...

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Favorite Friday Finds 34.0

Happy first Friday of November! 

The leaves are FINALLY turning goldens and reds in Washington Square Park (see on my Insta Stories), and it makes me so happy. The little things will affect you as much or as little as you let them, so let the good little things fill you up and let the bad little things flow away!

Things are looking crazy until straight through the end of the year, and I'm going on half a dozen flights and hitting nearly ten cities by the end of November- whew! As I talked about in my post earlier this week on some autumn reflections, I've been focusing on counting my blessings and also immersing myself in the present.

I've been slipping back into looking at my social media too much and absentmindedly scrolling through feeds, so I've been making an effort to read more real content, less clickbait, and put my phone away altogether to be 100% present when spending time with friends and company. So there are some links below that relate to both of these themes...

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Favorite Friday Finds 32.0

Okay, so the autumnal equinox is not until the 22nd, but I am already in full-fledged fall mode! 

I truly am a fall baby, and not just because I was born during it- there is something that makes me feel more alive and in my element during fall that doesn't happen the same way in any other season. 

This weekend...

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Favorite Friday Finds 31.0

Happy September!

I am kind of in shock that it is somehow already September. How has this year flown by so fast?

Although, I do have to say that I am very happy this month is here. I am such a sucker for all things autumn- foliage, upcoming holidays, my favorite weather, and a general sense of renewal in the air as people head back to school and work after a relaxing summer. 

Yesterday I had a meeting with...

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Favorite Friday Finds 26.0

Happy Friday, everyone! Hard to believe it's already end of May and that summer is just around the corner. All the New Yorkers are coming out of hibernation to soak up the intermittent days of sunshine we've been getting here, and people-watching season has begun.

I'm jetting off for some West Coast...

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Favorite Friday Finds 25.0

Hello Friday! It has been quite the week over here.

There are many a questionable thing going on in this world, along with several disappointments and unfortunate news. NYC has been an utterly gloomy, yucky fog too, which isn't adding to the bleaker feeling in the air. This all, plus Mercury being in retrograde has me wanting to pull out my hair several times this week, but I am reminding myself that the "downs" and waves crashing is all an important part of life and things will be okay...

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