Favorite Friday Finds 24.0

Happy Earth Day Friday, everyone! Perfect timing for the #FloralFriday theme I have going on over on my Insta. We should all really be nicer to this awesome world we live in on a daily basis, but it's always good to have a reminder to take it one step further.

This weekend I get to spend some girl time with my momma and sister! Taking my mom to Carnegie Hall for a piano concert tonight, then brunch all together tomorrow after I finish work. What are all your weekend plans??

Wasn't intending on doing a Favorite Friday Finds post since I usually do it bi-weekly, but today I had some fun links saved up that I wanted to share with you guys. Mostly laughs and the best animated short I've seen recently (who else here is a Disney/Pixar nut/a sucker for those short pre-movie films?), so let's get to it!

Here are my 7 Favorite Friday Finds that I was inspired by, learned from, and laughed/smiled at this week!



1. 48 Budget-Friendly Kitchen Hardware Knobs & Pulls

I have long been obsessed with Emily Henderson for her quirky design and even awesomer (yes, awesomer) personality that shines through on her blog and Instagram-- especially after her and her adorable baby bump (now infant Elliot) appeared on a Target commercial.

We all want beautiful Insta-worthy decor, but let's face it-- that ish ain't cheap. Sooo yay for this awesome cheat sheet for little upgrades. Bookmarking for future reference!

2. Coconut Thai Tea

Anyone else a thai iced tea fan like me? I always am so tempted to get one when I go to my favorite neighborhood Pho spot, but I hate that it's filled with sugary condensed milk. Now with my girl Joscelyn's awesome recipe, I can make a healthy version at home AND put tapioca bubbles in it because *insert my inner Korean girl holding a peace sign here*



3. Sleeping In Feels So Good, but May Be Unhealthy

Just like I mentioned in my post earlier this week for Wellness Wednesday on sleeping/naps, it's more important to keep a regular and consistent sleeping schedule throughout all 7 days of the week, rather than trying to "catch up" on sleep on the weekends. You'll be more tired at the end of it all, rather than feeling more well-rested-- and isn't that exactly the opposite of what we want for those health goals?

4. Mind Over Milkshake:
How Your Thoughts Fool Your Stomach

It's crazy and awesome how much power our minds have over our physical functions. Food labels affect us far more than we give them credit for, so it's important to try to keep aware of all those large food companies marketing their way towards our stomachs.

5. Passive Aggressive Work Emails, Decoded

This has got to be one of the funniest things I've seen this week, but also eye-opening. 
Every person who works in a highly communicative work atmosphere has both sent and received these types of emails filled with double-meaning jargon.

The thing is, some of it I feel is in genuine intention and general friendliness- but it can be obvious when it crosses over into passive-aggressive territory. I think these notes are a bit harshly dramatic in some instances, but let's be honest-- everyone can relate to this!



6. Bunmi Laditan- Hilarious Mom Award

If you are a mom, or frankly anyone who does the occasional eye-roll at all of the ridiculous social media pressure that gets put on us (especially moms!), you will love this woman. 
And when I say love, I mean you will clutch your stomach and laugh hysterically at her posts.

I'm not even a mom yet, but I see how moms out there can feel an astonishing amount of pressure to get the parenting game right thanks to the new wave of health and information snobbery. While I myself can be hawkish about food labels and all that, there's a point where it crosses into territory where it no longer becomes about the food itself, but a status symbol. 

7. The Present

Do yourself a favor and take 4 minutes to watch this short. These 2 guys made this when they were students and now work at Disney & Pixar (well-deserved, clearly after seeing this!).
Heartwarming and adorable, albeit there's a dark moment in there where I actually got angry and gasped aloud. I need this puppy in my life.


What were some of your favorite finds around the internet this week?