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Hello Friday! It has been quite the week over here.

There are many a questionable thing going on in this world, along with several disappointments and unfortunate news. NYC has been an utterly gloomy, yucky fog too, which isn't adding to the bleaker feeling in the air. This all, plus Mercury being in retrograde has me wanting to pull out my hair several times this week, but I am reminding myself that the "downs" and waves crashing is all an important part of life and things will be okay. 

When circumstances and events happen in my life that are utterly outside of my control, I find that continuing with my daily commitments and routines is so, so important for my well-being. Sure, blowing off social commitments, slacking on work, and skipping a workout may seem tempting, but it's important to keep doing the things that keep you happy and feed your mind and soul. Appreciating the little things are the daily keys to happiness, after all. 

Enough of that for now-- onto some great finds I want to share with you guys this week! These are a little all over the place, mostly having to do with human connection and relationships, as that's been on the forefront of my mind lately, but some other quirky things as well.

Here are my 7 Favorite Friday Finds that I was inspired by, learned from, and laughed/smiled at this week!



1. The 7 Most Important Things True Friends Do

2,3,6, and 7 really resonated with me, and applies to every type of relationship.
I'm the type of person that values fewer, but closer connections, rather than an entourage of acquaintances. It's easy to identify those friends that are only around when it's convenient for them or they need something, or those who fail to support you when your life isn't all rainbows and sunshine-- so it's that much more important to cherish and cultivate any and all relationships that are indeed wholly genuine, supportive, and true. 

Have you done something special for a loved one or let them know how much you care this week? No? Go do it! 

2. "I Hope You Get Raped Again": Women Listen to Men Read Vile Tweets About Them

Anyone who does not acknowledge the massive disparity between men and women on the amount/extremism of online harassment they receive, is living under a damn rock.

I know this is a serious one to include under "inspired by," but I felt like it was important to bring attention to. It's utterly despicable that people think that it is okay to say horrible things, just because they have the "safety" of being anonymous or being behind a computer screen. This video just shows how different things might be if you had to say those things to someone's face.

Think before you speak/type. There is always a person with feelings on the other side too.

3. The End of Empathy

People can be so cynical and lack empathy in their reactions to things, and in this sometimes not so kind world, a bit of jadedness is understandable. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't keep trying to extend compassion and empathy toward one another.

Even if someone is rude and mean, try responding with a bit of empathy for them next time. You might be surprised to see what happens next. The anecdote from the author of this article toward the end is pure gold. 

“A reminder to cherish the ones we love and work towards making this world a better place for us all.”

4. Bon Appetit's City Guides

If you're anything like me, you think that half the fun of exploring a new city is totally in the food. But actually, this index is a pretty great reference for some major foodie cities. I'm currently perusing the San Francisco guide for my upcoming trip!



5. Teaching Men to Be Emotionally Honest

My client sent this to me last week and it is a fascinating article. It's amazing how much conventionally thought societal roles can actually thwart such behavior, even with the best intentions. From infancy through age 4 or 5, research has proven that boys are more naturally emotive than girls. But we socialize the vulnerability out of them.
"How boys are taught, sometimes with the best of intentions, to mutate their emotional suffering into anger... [the video] captured, in profound concision, the earliest stirrings of a male identity at war with itself."

Imagine a world where we rewarded vulnerability and authenticity, regardless of gender. Might romantic relationships and communication improve? Parental roles? Dynamics in the workplace?

6. Importance of Saying "Yes" to Ugly Food

Who knew! I never thought of it before, but it makes total sense that a food, aka a living, thriving plant, would grow stronger out of adversity in environmental and growth factors!
More vitamins and antioxidants in those not so conventionally attractive food- I was already on board with the ugly food movement, and now I'm even more so.

7. Attitude Makes a Champion

Attitude is everything. How you approach something in life, your mindset, largely determines what result you will get. The elites/the champions approach their obstacles with internal drive and commitment, and have a "never satisfied" attitude towards their work they put in; on the other side, the "almost-champs" avoid the difficult tasks and express surprise at failures.



8. 50 Nerds of Grey

Whoever came up with this riff on 50 Shades of Grey, aka nerd edition, wins.
I couldn't stop laughing- the ketchup and eye contact have to be my favorites.

9. Cuteness Explosion #1

A video posted by Corgi (@corgistagrams) on

10. Cuteness Explosion #2- Happy Friday!

You just have to be happy after looking at this face.

What were some of your favorite finds this week?