5 Ways to Manage Digital Stress

We live in a world of non-stop stimulus. Alerts from texts, emails, tweets, snaps, 'grams, and that's all just from our smartphones. Electronic screen time takes up most everyone's days in such a massive way that most of us don't want to really acknowledge. Because, face it, it's depressing that we spend more time with our phones and laptops than physical humans at times. Walking around the streets of NYC, eye contact is rare because everyone is busy looking down at their phones!

Everyone knows that managing your stress levels is a top priority in leading a healthy life-- but putting it into action, especially when it comes to technology and our digital lives, is much easier said than done. 

Not managing your digital stress comes at a major cost. Inability to focus, procrastination, poor time-management, anxiety, depression, feeling inadequate, inability to be present, etc. Social media and attachment to our phones affect all of us day-to-day; so how do we manage it all?

For today's Wellness Wednesday, I've got 5 quick ways to help you manage your digital stress. Try these out and see if it helps pry that phone out of your hand and bring you back to real, human life for awhile:

1. Turn off notifications- ESPECIALLY sound

Do it. For all your social media apps.
Instagram and Snapchat especially for all you social media nuts. You don't need a sound and a banner notification every time someone tags you in a meme or sends you a snap of their distorted selfie. PLUS- it majorly saves your battery life

The only sound notifications I have on are for calls and texts. Because if the matter is urgent, the person will reach you via call or text.

2. While you work, put your phone away

No matter how good of a multi-tasker you think you are, science has long proven that it is not effective for quality productivity. Anytime you come to a lull in your work, how often do you find that your phone suddenly jumped into your hand and you don't know how it got there?

Put away the phone while you concentrate. Finish your task, then you can check your phone. If you must, wean yourself off by allowing yourself to check your phone in timed intervals.

3. Set a schedule to check your email

I think in nearly every interview I've read or watched with top C executives, they all say that they have set times in the day to check their email. I'm the type of person where I like my inbox to say 0 unread emails, so this one is tough for me too! 

Check your email after your morning routine, again at lunch, and then in the late afternoon. Depending on your job requirements & your comfort, just set a schedule and stick to it.

4. Don't compare your life to someone's highlight reel

This seems to be one of the biggest sources of digital stress in everyone's lives these days.

Picture-perfect lives displayed on Facebook and Instagram, making you feel like your sometimes overwhelming reality isn't up to snuff. Stay aware of that social media filter, and don't get caught up in that hamster wheel of virtual reality. Remember, it's just that. Curated portrayal. 

Your real life is more important. Put more effort and thought into what truly matters.

5. Disconnect/Unplug whenever you can. 

Whether it be during the weekends, or social time, get in the practice of not touching your phone--especially out of boredom! Be present. Enjoy the time you have with your friends, or alone, unplug for awhile and be fully present in your actual reality.

The world won't end because you didn't check your Instagram notifications, I promise.

Try these out! Let me know how it works out for you and I'd love to hear- what are your tricks to manage your digital stress?

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