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The Importance of a Nightly Wind-Down Routine + My Routine

Going to work, eating dinner, flopping in bed with some Netflix going, wake up, repeat; it's a vicious and mindless cycle that can make it feel like you never have time for yourself to just take a breath. I know, because I've been there. I've grown to understand the enormous impact a solid nightly routine and wind-down can have on your stress and overall health...

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My Healthy Morning Routine

How I start my day is so important to me- having a healthy morning routine in place can totally set the tone for the entire day. Clearer mindset, better mood, and increased productivity are some major benefits you can experience when you have a calmer morning routine established, instead of that frenzied 10 minute rush to get out the door after 5 alarm snoozes that we are all familiar with.

Morning routines are also the perfect opportunity to establish some healthier habits towards a better lifestyle shift. I've written about my 5 easy hacks for a better morning routine, but I wanted to share some specific things I've been doing lately in mine that have made notable differences.

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Why Recovery is as Important as Working Out + How to Do It

How many of you guys feel like you're working really hard in the gym, but your progress is stalling? It can be extremely frustrating to put in the work and not reap the rewards you're supposed to be getting. What if you’re forgetting about the one really important thing here that could kickstart your progress again? Recovery is as important (if not more so) than working out and your time in the gym— here’s how to maximize recovery:

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How I Reluctantly Started to Meditate

I know what some of you guys may be thinking: Minna, a cynic? 

I've always been a bit of a walking juxtaposition. While I do think that I am a generally positive person with quite an open mind, I do have my limits on being able to tolerate a certain level of "hokey" without at least an eyebrow raise or a slight eye-roll. 

This especially becomes apparent in...

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The 5 Priorities for Optimal Health

All training clients have the same goal, really. Optimal health. Because optimal health equals feeling strong and healthy, feeling fit, and probably looking pretty awesome because they tend to go hand in hand. When I first explain to them my general hierarchy of priorities from a trainer's perspective for achieving that optimal health, some can be surprised at the ranking order. After all, my title is officially personal trainer/fitness coach--  how on earth did I rank working out so low?!

Because, these priorities for optimal health are like a pyramid. Without the foundation one one thing, you cannot possibly hope to achieve the next level higher successfully. How do you think you're going to train as hard as you are capable, with 5 hours of sleep and crappy quality foods in your body? 

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Exhaustion: Not a Proxy for Effort or a Status Symbol

We have a serious problem on our hands. This happens incessantly around me, particularly amongst New Yorkers, and I am certainly guilty of falling into the trap sometimes. But the more I ruminate about why we do it, the further I am actively distancing myself from this. 

We love to play the victim. Millennials especially love to use exhaustion and 4 hours of sleep as a badge of honor of how...

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My 8 Everyday Non-Negotiables

I had always known that I was a particular person; meaning, I like to live and do things in efficient, meticulously planned ways. Handling last-minute alterations to my careful planning is what can throw me for a loop. I've had to learn how to navigate it this last year, and I've grow so much as a result- yet I'm still learning.

Life does not always go according to plan. Quite opposite...

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4 Reasons Why Lack of Sleep Stalls Fitness Progress

There are 3 major components to overall physical well-being: Movement, Nutrition, and Recovery. People are really starting to get on that movement and nutrition train, but I would say that pretty much everyone is lacking in the regeneration department. Sleep/regeneration is the glue that keeps all three together. Let’s talk about why you should be prioritizing sleep above all, and HOW to do it:

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