My 8 Everyday Non-Negotiables

I had always known that I was a particular person; meaning, I like to live and do things in efficient, meticulously planned ways. Handling last-minute alterations to my careful planning is what can throw me for a loop. I've had to learn how to navigate it this last year, and I've grow so much as a result- yet I'm still learning.

Life does not always go according to plan.

Quite opposite, life has no plan or set course with rules that it neatly abides by. Instead, it's akin to the ocean in that it comes rolling in waves. The waves tend to follow a general pattern, allowing us to predict and prepare to surf them, but the tide can take a sharp turn when we least expect it.

It's all about riding the waves. Being flexible, and changing course when circumstances call for it.

So how do we make sure that we don't lose ourselves and our priorities in the waves of life that will never cease? It's important to remain grounded and have a centering force.

We choose our battles.

I like to think of it as my list of everyday non-negotiables: things that I prioritize for the sake of my mental and physical well-being, so that I am enabled to give more of myself to my life, and everyone and everything in it.

Understandably, situations happen, and sometimes we can't have everything on this list, everyday, but consider your list of non-negotiables as your anchor of your ship in the ocean of waves.

The things that ground you, steady you, and give yourself that nourishing sense of balance. Even if it's just a few minutes of your day, these things are key. Mine are:

  • Move my body. It could be yoga, lifting heavy weights, dancing, or taking a walk- anything to thank it for the gift of movement and it's health.

  • Nourish my body. This could mean a vitamin-packed macrobiotic bowl or a cookie because well, cookies.

  • Feed my mind and soul. Reading the news, reading a book, listening to music- get lost in another world for even just a little bit.

  • A LOT of Water. I used to disregard this, but our bodies are primarily made up of water. It's the gasoline that keeps us running.

  • Sleep. Also another thing I formerly casted aside, this is a literal recharge for your body and where much of the magic happens. For your body, it is a factory cleaning and reset. For your mind, it's the storage and digestion of information and memories.

  • Be engaged. We get so caught up in our phones and technology that sometimes we don't remember walking from point A to point B. Put it in your pocket, and engage with your surroundings and your company.

  • Time with loved ones. It's not always possible to see them face-to-face, but always tell your loved ones how they are appreciated and loved. It's never too much, and it takes 1 minute to send a text, note, or call.

  • Time with myself. I'm an introvert, so I need this time to recharge and ruminate. Facing your current emotions and thoughts are how growth occurs.

What are your daily non-negotiables?