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Everything You've Wanted to Know About CBD

For a product that is now commonplace in the aisle of grocery stores and all over social media, there is an extreme lack of in-depth knowledge or education about what CBD is and its uses. After a lot of personal research, I’ve been using CBD in my life for about 3 years now for reasons spanning from my inflammation from my autoimmune disease, menstrual cramps, to anxiety and sleep. I wanted to answer all the questions I’ve been asked about CBD, why I use CBD, and what the best CBD is, for once and for all.

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All about Menstrual and Reproductive Hormonal Health

I'm sure my mother is going to be a little shocked somewhere because I'm about to say the word "period" and "menstrual" and "uterus / vagina" about a million times in this blog post, but that's exactly the point. To little fault of her own, but rather the societal culture around us (particularly in our generation), women's reproductive health and menstrual cycles were never something to be talked about openly without some sense of shame and an "ew gross" attitude around it. Because of these stigmas, I felt the same way and I failed to understand my cycle, my hormones, and my reproductive health in a real way until my mid-twenties.

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My Journey with Hashimoto's

Struggling with health is not a foreign concept to me. I've had countless sprains, breaks, stitches, 3 concussions, bad allergies, a hip surgery, and an eating disorder. But my Hashimoto's autoimmune disease and journey has been an entirely different animal to live with, for me personally. There are 26 million of you with autoimmune diseases out there, so it is no small crowd. I love the phrase, "autoimmune warrior," as the noun to describe us-- because that is exactly what we are. I'm sharing my story with you today in hopes that anyone who is struggling to find out what is wrong with them, struggling with a new diagnosis, or whatever, can feel a little less alone and a little more hope...

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How to Get Back on the Fitness Wagon

Happy hump day and first day of March, everyone! It's been awhile since I've done a Wellness Wednesday, and what's a better topic to jump back in with, than talking about how to get back on the fitness wagon?

I'm a big proponent of doing the little bits of effort everyday to stay on the wagon, because it is much easier to maintain being on the wagon than it is to get back on it. But sometimes life and shit happens and you go through phases. And suddenly, you find yourself on your butt, off the wagon. A basic principle of behavioral modification that my Precision Nutrition coaching taught me to teach my clients, is that you need to master a goal before you can add a...

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Should You Workout When You're Sick?

'Tis the season for sniffles and a whole lot of germs! This back and forth weather is not doing us any favors either. I think nearly everyone knows someone who is sick right now (oh hey, me right now) in their office or amongst friends.

Which leads me to the topic today- this is probably one of my most frequently asked questions that I receive as a trainer: should you workout when you're sick?

Being sick is no fun. Aside from the obvious reasons of suffering through irritating symptoms, it's also the toll it has on your usual sleep, nutrition, and workout routine. Some people immediately head for the bed to stay immobile for a few days while they're sick, assuming all exercise must stop; then there are others who still go to their HIIT classes. Neither of which really does you much good.

So back to the question of if you should exercise when you're sick: The answer...

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7 Hacks to Kickstart Your Health

Before you start jumping down the rabbit hole of 0 to 60mph New Years resolutions, a juice cleanse/detox, or any type of “health reset” I want you to pause for a moment.

If you're in need of some bigger changes with your health that you've been scared or reluctant to start, ask yourself these 4 questions to help you roadmap your way to lasting success. But if you're generally pleased with where you are and just have a couple habits you'd like to improve upon or if you just want to start one little step at a time, I've got 8 easy hacks to kickstart your health.

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3 Tricks to Staying Healthy during the Holidays

Staying healthy during the holidays. Haha. Ha. Hahaha. 

I know, it might seem like a faraway dream or false reality, but I promise you can actually enjoy yourselves during the holidays AND stay on track with your nutrition without choking down a kale salad while wistfully looking at people devouring holiday treats. All it takes is 3 simple tricks in order to stay healthy throughout the holiday season...

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How to Make Your Fitness Progress Stick: Look at the Long Game

I think most women and a good chunk of men have thought this at one point or another:

"I'm doing all the right things: mostly eating well and working out, but why does my fitness progress always seem to fluctuate and yo-yo?"

Have you or anyone else found themselves in a constant, never-ending state of "trying to cut those last few pounds?" It is so understandably frustrating to feel like you are constantly fighting an uphill battle, and never being satisfied for too long.

I've noticed...

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Why Recovery is as Important as Working Out + How to Do It

How many of you guys feel like you're working really hard in the gym, but your progress is stalling? It can be extremely frustrating to put in the work and not reap the rewards you're supposed to be getting. What if you’re forgetting about the one really important thing here that could kickstart your progress again? Recovery is as important (if not more so) than working out and your time in the gym— here’s how to maximize recovery:

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4 Priorities for Stress-Free Healthy Eating while Traveling

It's hard enough getting into a healthy lifestyle and routine. And then when you finally feel like you've gotten a handle on the healthy eating thing, you have to go out of town on business or have a fun trip coming up. And then in comes the bread baskets, fast food, steak dinners, alcohol, etc. Sound familiar?

So how do you keep healthy while remaining sane during travels?

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The 5 Priorities for Optimal Health

All training clients have the same goal, really. Optimal health. Because optimal health equals feeling strong and healthy, feeling fit, and probably looking pretty awesome because they tend to go hand in hand. When I first explain to them my general hierarchy of priorities from a trainer's perspective for achieving that optimal health, some can be surprised at the ranking order. After all, my title is officially personal trainer/fitness coach--  how on earth did I rank working out so low?!

Because, these priorities for optimal health are like a pyramid. Without the foundation one one thing, you cannot possibly hope to achieve the next level higher successfully. How do you think you're going to train as hard as you are capable, with 5 hours of sleep and crappy quality foods in your body? 

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Lifestyle Changes: Little Steps = Big Outcomes

When people think of the prospect of changing their lifestyles towards a healthier direction, it seems overwhelmingly daunting or like a giant challenge to tackle. I have a secret for you. It's all really possible. 

If you stand at the bottom of the mountain and look all the way up at the peak, it's going to seem like it's grower taller by the second, right before your eyes. But if you look...

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My 8 Everyday Non-Negotiables

I had always known that I was a particular person; meaning, I like to live and do things in efficient, meticulously planned ways. Handling last-minute alterations to my careful planning is what can throw me for a loop. I've had to learn how to navigate it this last year, and I've grow so much as a result- yet I'm still learning.

Life does not always go according to plan. Quite opposite...

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