Thursday Touchbase

Hi everyone! I'm baaaaack and boy, I have missed blogging.

July was kind of a dud for this blog, I'm sorry guys. There has just been a lot going on, and after last weekend's certification, I needed some time to decompress and settle back in. But now I'm finally going to fill you in on two of my big current happenings:

1. My StrongFirst (SFG) Kettlebell Certification

I figured I'd start with this, as this has been the main reason for my having gone AWOL. I'll cut to the chase: I passed! I am now a StrongFirst Instructor. This 3-day certification was the most intense I have ever gone through, and also the most rewarding.

The lack of blogging definitely was attributed to the intensely exhausting training program I was on, along with my regimented nutrition plan to prepare for the weight class I wanted to make. Therefore, my meals were rather simple and I wasn't able to play around with recipes like I usually can. 

I'll be writing a blog post soon detailing the entire process of prepping for months, my nutrition game plan changes to make weight, and the certification process. I also got asked to be an assistant instructor for the course the next time it comes around to NYC. Passing on education is one of my favorite things about my job, so I was so honored to be asked. 

2. Upcoming Travels

The next month and a half are going to be insanely busy, but I feel like the luckiest girl for all the travel and experiences I'm going to be embarking upon.

I'm off to Montréal once again this weekend, then in a few weeks I'll be checking off a city that I've been dying to go to in the U.S. for a few years now: New Orleans! I'm so excited to finally see this city and experience it's rich culture and lively atmosphere. 

And finally, I'll be off to... drumroll.... Italy and Switzerland! Ever since missing the chance to study abroad in Firenze in college, I have been dreaming of finally seeing Italy. And I am so excited about seeing the unbelievably gorgeous mountains and towns of Switzerland. Happy early birthday to me, indeed! This trip has been a long time coming.

I'll be posting my travel experiences in each city when I get back from each respective trip, so you guys will be getting all the good details of food, culture, and some killer photos (I hope!) all here on the blog. Follow along on my Instagram for current time updates on my adventures!

So now I want to ask: What kind of stuff do you guys want to see from me from my travels? Any topics in particular? 

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