Favorite Friday Finds 39.0

Happy weekend, everyone!

This edition of Favorite Friday Finds is coming to you a day late, because this past week has been quite topsy turvy in terms of changed schedules and last-minute appointments- sorry guys! But I've got a great roundup for you that I've been amped to share, because there have been a lot of great reads I've stumbled on in the past two weeks. This will also be an abbreviated version like this one for time's sake (on my end), so you can have some fun weekend reading while sipping that morning coffee ๐Ÿ˜Š

You know that feeling you would get as a little kid, waiting for cookies to be done in the oven to see how they turn out? That is the feeling I constantly have lately, due to a lot of things in the works and up in the air-- most of which are exciting and I can't wait to share with you guys, but also some tougher situations to navigate. 

Have a great weekend guys! Got some really fun Instagram content this month with some awesome partnerships, like with Aerie (so you'll be seeing a lot more of my face ๐Ÿ™Š) so make sure to follow along with me there!


Favorite Friday Finds 39.0

4 Things to Think About Before You Speak (via Camille Styles)- An extremely thoughtful piece on a few things to keep in mind before you speak (or type!)- #3 and 4 feel like they've been lacking in the world more recently. 

Jeff Bezos Doesn't Think Consistency of Thought is a Positive Trait (via Signal v. Noise)- I completely agree with this. A flexible mind and those constantly open to learning and revising their understanding as they grow and learn more, are those who end up being right much of the time.

Break up w/Your Social Media "News Feed" and Do These Things Instead (via Natalie Catalina)- This little collage of suggestions is amazing for all of us who are a little taxed out from the relentless news cycle and keeping up with social media. It's so important to take a breather!

Science Says This Makes You Happier + More Productive (via Inc.com)- The answer comes as no surprise really, but I loved the breakdown of the balance between it all in this article.

You Need to Practice Being Your Future Self (via HBR)- Those of us who work at coaching behavioral changes see this phenomenon: people seek things that will help them, but they skirt away from what they really need, the transformational stuff. Who you are today is who you will be tomorrow.

Experiment to Figure Out How to Live More Joyfully (via QZ)- This woman did an awesome experiment to figure out what truly brought joy to her life.

Thoughts on What It Means to Be a Woman of Substance (via The Fashion Magpie)- Thoughtful share on the meaning of being "substantive." Reminds me a lot of many strong women in my life!

20 Sexist Things I've Heard as a Woman (via The Everygirl) - I have had at least 75% of this list said to me before, and I've witnessed this happening to other women throughout my life.