BRB/Favorite Friday Finds 18.0

With the holidays drawing near and the damp, chilly weather, all I want to do is cozy up. This nesting feeling is calling for a lot of reflection on what's going on in my life and how I'm feeling. So, what is going on?

If you're pouring water from a jug, eventually you're going to have to take the time to refill it when it gets empty [lame example, but it's too late to turn back now]. I feel like my water level is at a dangerous low, and feeling the desperate need for a refill here. Having not felt like myself lately, I've noticed that I've been letting my daily non-negotiables slip and my autoimmune issues are flaring back up from stress. All of you, my dear blogger friends, understand the blogger burnout feelings and some of you have even been posting about it recently (thank you!).

I have about 30 or so half-started blog posts and things I need to finish, but honestly I'm experiencing a bit of creative block. Trying to live true to myself, and remember that it's all about hustle and flow: sometimes it's all about the hustle, and other times you just gotta flow with it. And right now, I'm awkwardly flowing... bobbing along the waves, doing my best to not give myself too hard of a time for feeling "unproductive."

I'm off on some solo travel/work adventures, and I'm taking it as my cue of time for some mental R&R.

I'll be take a week off of regularly scheduled posting here- but don't worry, I've got many (10!) links today to tide you guys over while I'm gone.

Keep up with me #TravelingMinnaly on my Instagram- I'll be quite active still on there. This East Coast girl is off to the Pacific Northwest! And now onto links: 

1. Tips for Thanksgiving and Recipe Roundup

Given my lack of time and preparation for my family's Thanksgiving this year, I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel here. I'll likely whip up a very similar meal to last year, with a few tweaks thrown in- thankfully, last year was a hit, so I can count on these recipes and tips I used to plan my FamiLee meal last year! Also, the website I'm an editor for, thefeedfeed (you foodies know it from Instagram!), has amazing inspiration on there if you're looking to get creative. 

2. A Placebo Makes You Run Faster

It's a tale as old as time, but this article does a good job of reinforcing it- the power of the mind has nearly no boundaries. Having been an elite athlete and seeing how much mental game changes outcome and physicality, I'm a huge proponent of training your mindset. This applies to all areas of life, whether it be career, self-improvement, etc.

3. Don't Judge Based on Appearance

We all know this, yet people fall for this fallacy all the time. This post from a Crohn's disease survivor went viral on Facebook recently, in which he explains that just because he looks "normal," doesn't mean he isn't majorly suffering. As he says, people are indeed far too quick to judge these days, and there is a huge lack of empathy for others around us. Just because someone appears to have everything together or is as tough as nails, doesn't mean it's true. Everyone has a struggle, please be kind.

4. 11 Things to Do After a Bad Night of Sleep

For a general article without much scientific fact backup, this piece doles out some solid tips here that I frequently give my clients. It's not always about the misstep or the bad night, it's about how you handle the situation from there that keeps the after-effects to a minimum.

5. The #1 Change That Could Reduce Anxiety (That Almost No One Tries)

This article was rather interesting. It's one of those things that everyone knows, just like everyone knows eating fruits and veggies are good for you, but hits a bit of a blindspot when it comes to changing that in their own lives. Anything in excess isn't good, but limiting or eliminating alcohol intake can be a game-change for a lot of people in ways they may not realize. 

6. FDA Caps on Sugar

Finally. But it's still not enough. I still think 50 grams of sugar is a lot and although it may sound like a lot to most people, the vast majority of Americans consume upwards of double that daily. Simply, pay attention to the sugar content in what you're eating- sugar or syrups should never be one of the first ingredients on a label. While sodas and sweetened drinks are a whammy, added sugars sneak in in pre-packed yogurts, breads, snacks, soups, and even things you wouldn't identify as sweet. 

7. Campbell Rethinks Its Recipe as Consumer Tastes Change

Campbell Soup is nixing 10 unnecessary ingredients from its classic chicken noodle soup recipe, bringing the total down to 20 from 30. Ingredients like chicken flavor, MSG, Maltodextrin, Vegetable Oil, Potassium Chloride, and Cornstarch are receiving the axe. Yay for more major food companies making positive changes!

8. Adele's Rolling Stone Interview

This woman kills me. In the best way. Not only does her music make us all feel all the feels, but she is simply hilarious and refreshingly candid to boot. This interview made me fall more in love with her and her unabashed realness. 

9. Hotline Cat

If you haven't yet seen this cat and his person vibe out to Hotline Bling, your week has not yet been made. Allow me. 

10. Dachshund Determination

Let us all take a cue from the adorable Arvo the Dachshund, and never give up on the important things.

How about you guys? Anything interesting or funny on the internet you found this week?