Favorite Friday Finds 33.0

Happy Friday, everyone! How's your fall going so far?

It was my birthday on Wednesday, and it's been a time of reflection and evaluation. I've been thinking about all the things I want to experience and accomplish in this next year, and more importantly, the kind of person I want to be while doing all of it. I've come to realize that HOW you life your life is more important than collecting things and checking certain accomplishments off a list.

To live honorably, lovingly, and respectfully is the ultimate accomplishment. 

This week's Favorite Friday Finds is most definitely a feel-good edition. A little wanderlust, some laughs, and some soul food for thought. Hope it brings you those good feels as you kick off the weekend, my dears!

Now, let's get to my Favorite Friday Finds this week!
Here are 7 things that I was inspired by, learned from, and laughed/smiled at:



1. You guys HAVE to read this.
I have long admired Emily Henderson for her talent, humor, honesty, and basically I have a total girl crush on her, and this beautiful post she wrote for her and her hubs' 10 year wedding anniversary made me feel ALL THE FEELS. And cry. Twice.

The most honestly written, raw, beautiful story about a relationship I've ever read in the blogosphere, where love can often be painted as so "perfect." I have nothing but admiration for a couple like this who tackle their challenges and clearly have such love and respect for each other as individuals and as a partner. Seriously, swoon. Promise you'll walk away feeling so inspired about love.

2. Lauren Conrad's complete guide to Amsterdam via Selena @finduslost, made me that much more convinced that Amsterdam needs to be one of my very next cities I travel to in Europe.

3. I have been loving Emily + the Cupcakes and Cashmere's collaborative group posts lately, and their collective bucket list guide to L.A. are making me want to head back to the West Coast for another California roadtrip.



4. I posted this article on Master's of Love before, but this topic came up in recent conversation with my girlfriends and thought it was worth sharing again. Gottman's concept of "bids" and the "masters" vs "disasters" feel so real and relatable.

5. These 10 truths wise people know but don't talk about-- well, should be talked about. #5, 7, and 10 resonate so much.



6. Ellen (aka Dory from Finding Nemo/Dory) and Tom Hands (aka Woody from Toy Story) had the most epic Pixar-off. Please close your eyes and take a listen, it is the best thing ever.

7. I think anyone who has been in a relationship can relate to this- I couldn't stop cracking up.

What are your best finds of the week?
Would love to hear them!