Favorite Friday Finds 21.0

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Happy Friday my dears! You are loved, indeed. 

Anyone else in disbelief it's somehow March already?? Looking ahead to the next few months, it's full steam ahead-- lots of next steps with work, travel plans, and maid of honor duties galore.

I have a feeling a lot of newness will transpire over the next few months, and I'm trying to embrace it all... fighting my anxious needtoknoweverythingrightnow planner in me. Akin to when you're on a rollercoaster: right before the drop, your brain says "this might have been a bad idea, I'm scared of what's next." But you're on the rollercoaster anyhow, so may as well sit back and enjoy the ride! Succumb to the unpredictability of life with an open mind, and things will be okay... At least, that is what I'm telling myself right now! 

Have a couple of great links I've been meaning to share with you guys, so without further ado, here are my 9 Favorite Friday Finds that I was inspired by, learned from, and laughed/smiled at this week!



1. The First 4 Things You Should Do Every Workday

#2 is definitely one that I used to struggle with, but have proudly made big strides in. Having those few minutes to get my mindset right for the day without the anxiety of "urgent" emails better equips me to tackle my inbox and tasks later!

2. Kids Reading to Pups at Animal Shelter

I'm a sucker for any and all things with canines and kiddos. This mutually beneficial program is so simple and innovative- developing empathy in children is hugely important, and this is one of the cutest ways to foster that.



3. What Wouldn't Jesus Do?

Typically, I try to shy away from political posts on here, but I found this piece quite enlightening and worthy of sharing. While I do not usually see eye to eye with Peter Wehner, I respect his opinions and this was a wonderful piece raising similar questions that have crossed my mind during this campaign season; especially as I have been making a concerted effort to explore my own beliefs and thoroughly educate myself on ALL sides of the issues. There has been so much hate and questionable behavior going on, from both ends of the spectrum of liberals and conservatives, and it's beyond disappointing. It's beneath us all.

We are all human. 

It's important to be able to look at issues from a perspective other than your own and those whom you have commonalities with. Say what you want about Antonin Scalia, but I find the fact that he, a staunch conservative, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, liberal as a lady can be, had a cherished and respectful close friendship, utterly lovely and admirable. 

4. Lasting Relationships Come Down to 2 Basic Traits

Fascinating and amazing article. I find this applicable to all close relationships, romantic or platonic. Especially the part about "turning toward" versus "turning away" from one another when expressing requests for connection that may go by without notice! 

5. Women Who Play Sports are More Successful

Totally something I deeply believe in, and I think it's of utmost importance that all children (whatever gender) participate in sports. Being an elite athlete shaped much of who I am- my work ethic, attitude, and fortitude; ability to form habits, and learning from failures. Doesn't surprise me that 94% of senior business women in the C-suite today played sports and over half at a university level!



6. Woman's Response When Husband Asked What was on Her Mind

Ladies, how good is this? I like to call this brain barf and I am this x10. No wonder men are so bewildered by some of our erratic thoughts and behaviors ;) 

7. Morgan Freeman and Cookies at the Oscars

Yes. I love him so. Yes. 

8. Love at Its Simplest: Husbands Illustrations for His Wife

This warmed my heart so much. Not only are the drawings adorable, they are so very true. The middle one made me laugh because boyfriend and I loooove our Nintendo 64 and I recently put face masks on the both of us during a movie night in. The little things :)

9. Me Before You Trailer

I read this best-selling book and was deeply touched. I'm so excited to see Emilia Clarke (love!) portray this character and play out this incredible story.