Favorite Friday Finds 28.0

Happy Friday and happy July 4th weekend!

Man, I canNOT believe that it is somehow already July and we are officially past the halfway mark for the year of 2016. Anyone else feel like they don't know where this year went?

Things have been very unpredictable over here, but I did want to update you guys on a few things to keep you in the loop.

There are some exciting changes coming to Living Minnaly, getting back to the heart of why I started this blog and message in the first place. In the midst of working on these changes to bring to you guys, there's a lot of work to be done but I also have a lot of personal stuff going on that is taking up much of my physical time and mental energy. So in the spirit of living authentically and practicing what I preach by standing in my truth, I will be sharing more on everything when I am ready; knowing that sharing my struggles and growth with you guys have empowered many of you, is what keeps this and me going here. So, thank you, for listening to my stories and sharing yours with me!

Now, onto some fun and thought-provoking finds of the week! If you guys want to know how I'm doing, scroll down to the cat on #6. Just kidding. But seriously. 


Here are my 7 Favorite Friday Finds that I was inspired by, learned from, and laughed/smiled at this week!



1. How Do You Define Success

I loved this Man Repeller roundtable discussion about how we define success. My friend and I talk a lot about how while it's great that the societal trend and norm is to encourage people to follow their passions and turn them into careers, it's not quite as simple as that. People then expect to live and die by the motto of, "If you love what you do for work, you'll never work a day in your life." Quite frankly, I call BS on that, as no matter how much I love my work and what I do, it is still work and effort-- and there is nothing wrong with that. I am proud of that hustle it requires!

2. 5 Food Lovers Explain Why They Eat the Same Lunch Everyday

This uniformity trend that's been happening across the board with food and clothing is awesome. Even as a food lover who loves to experiment in the kitchen, doing elaborate creations every day during my hectic work schedule is just not realistic. It can be draining. Simplifying my food choices and developing a routine has been extremely helpful for my health and sanity. 

There's that talk about how successful people like Mark Zuckerburg, Steve Jobs, Obama, and various successful people across even aesthetic-based industries like fashion, all dress the same or select from a limited neutral wardrobe everyday- because it eliminates one extra decision to make per day, conserving willpower and brainpower for the things that truly matter. I believe it!



3. Nobel Laureates VS. Greenpeace: 
The GMO Controversy Continues

Fascinating read for those interested in health and food.

While I do believe that much of today's food has devolved from what food was originally meant to be, I don't think it's realistic or helpful to continue to wage war against certain technological, genetic modifications to food that can prove to literally save thousands of lives.

Golden rice? I think the concept is brilliant. While yes, we won't know the long-term repercussions of certain modified foods (we're already experiencing things in modified modern wheat, in my opinion with all the gluten issues), we also must acknowledge that much of the produce we eat has been already modified or hybridized in some shape or form. I had no idea about the watermelon, that was a shocker!

4. Why Women (Sometimes) Don't Help Other Women

Also an incredibly thought-provoking read. 

With the current hot-button topic of women's rights, equal-pay, and overall feminism being taken up into crazy-land by politicians, I think it's important to educate ourselves and hone in on the cultural dynamics that happen under our noses every day to help solve some of these issues where they begin.

Yes, I believe men have a huge power to be able help shift the inequalities that we women face particularly in the workplace, but it's also our responsibility to support fellow women and not add to the problem. As the famous Madeleine Albright quote goes, "There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women.

5. How to Set Up Your Medical ID on iPhone

This is an awesome tool to have, especially if you have life-threatening drug allergies or medical conditions people should be aware of should anything happen to you and you are unable to inform the people helping you. While I don't love that anyone can access some personal information through the emergency function, I think it's more important that I can help increase my quality of care by informing medical providers with important information if an emergency were to happen.



6. My current spirit animal

As I've mentioned, this has been an incredibly difficult time for me, and I had a bit of a meltdown this week. So when I found this video, it cracked me up, and I identify with this so much right now it's laughable. Whoever chose the song too, brava, hit the nail on the head haha!

7. Some adorable-ness and love, thanks Ellen