Gift Guide for the Jetsetter

Hello gift guide #2 and basically my wishlist this year!

I've done a lot of traveling this year. Like, almost 30 flights this year, and that's not including roadtrips and train rides. Because of this, I've become super efficient at packing the perfect carry-on suitcase and my Lo & Sons weekender bag, along with learning just exactly the minimal items I need while traveling

Using this knowledge, I created a kickass gift guide for the jetsetting traveler in your life! All of these items I chose are purposeful gifts that make travel feel a little more luxurious and efficient- exactly what you want in a gift: something they wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves, but that they'll love and actually put to use. 

This gift guide also includes gifts of a big price range, just like my first gift guide, to fit your budget. Everything from splurge luxe items to the perfect stocking stuffer/secret Santa!

1. White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap Set ($350)

The ultimate luxe gift. Planes get really chilly, and this cashmere wrap + eye mask will keep you comfy, cozy, and hopefully snoozing on your flight. The wrap also doubles as a beautiful scarf to wear while traveling. Everyone loves a multi-purpose item to pack, to save room in that luggage!

2. Bose Soundlink II Wireless Headphones (SALE: $229/ was $280)

Really nice headphones are one of those things you think you don't really need, right? Then you try them out and then hear the major difference in sound quality and ability to block out external noise... and you never want to go back. I love the white color and sleek design of these wireless Bose headphones, for guys and girls.

3. Lo & Sons Deluxe Weekender Bag ($148)

This bag has become my favorite. It can fit in an immense amount of stuff for a weekend or as a carry-on alongside your suitcase. It has a pocket that slips over the handle of rolling luggage AND my favorite: it has a separate compartment at the bottom for shoes and/or dirty clothes! If you're a germaphobe like me, you hate your shoes touching your clothes (even in a shoe bag), and this bag makes organizing a breeze.

4. Bracelet w/iPhone Charger ($125)

I always have a portable phone charger on me, but it absolutely sucks to take up precious room in a small cross-body bag with a clunky charger. So what's better than being able to wear the charger?! In an sleek and trendy gold (also comes in silver) bracelet no less. Again, yaaas on the multi-purpose gifts and one less thing to pack!

5Lole Hooded Sweater ($90)

I adore Lolë for their sleek and sporty athletic wear that doubles as casual clothes. This stylish fleece hoodie has all my favorite components of a sweatshirt: a high funnel neck, ribbed cuffs on the sleeves, a hood, and pockets. My favorite is in this greens heather color, but it also comes in 4 other colors! Perfect for a plane outfit that you can hit the road running in once you touchdown.

6. 5 in 1 Universal Travel Adapter ($35)

No one wants to carry multiple adapters. This one snaps all together, is waterproof, adapts to fit 150 different countries' outlets, and has a USB port. Best stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift!

7. Aesop Jet Set Toiletry 4-pack ($37)

It's really hard to not love Aesop and their luxurious bath + body products. But the price tag can be harsh to swallow. I just can't rationalize spending $90 on body lotion for myself (Santa, may I?), BUT you can gift this affordable TSA-approved size travel pack of shampoo, conditioner, body cleanser, and body balm to give your favorite traveler a little useful taste of heavenly luxury.

8. "I'm Outta Here" Passport Holder ($26)

Also the type of thing one normally doesn't think to buy for themselves, this adorable passport holder is a perfect and affordable gift. I don't even like pink, but I totally would love this one!

9. Kate Spade Lingerie "To Wash" + "To Wear" Set ($25)

Who wants dirty underwear touching their clean ones while traveling? Certainly not I! Making packing a breeze for your jetsetting loved one with these thoughtful bags to separate your "to wash" and "to wear" intimates.

10. Hydaway Collapsible Bottle ($19.95)

I have spent far too much money on airport kiosks and used too many plastic waterbottles for my conscience on buying water after security check. With this nifty collapsible bottle, you can fill up on water for free once you pass security. Uh, yes please!

11. Royce Leather Electronic Cord Holders ($13.99)

There's no silly irritation like getting your headphone cords or charger cords all tangled up in your bag, and spending 5 unnecessary minutes untangling them in front of everyone in the middle of the airport. These adorably budget-friendly leather cord holders take your headache away faster than an Excedrin. 

Special thanks to Lo & Sons for partnering on this post. As always, all opinions and reviews are of my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep Living Minnaly going!