Gift Guide: Gifts that Pamper and Relax

6 days to go, and still in a crunch to find a thoughtful gift? 

I got you with this gift guide is pretty universal for everyone on your list. Why do I say that?

Relaxation and stress management are major priorities for optimal health. In our lives when it seems all too rare when we take time for self-care or to disconnect, it becomes all the more important that we make it happen. And there's nothing like a fun new gift to help encourage you to take those few extra minutes in your day to indulge in a little self-care and other activities that bring you happiness and calm. 

I've rounded up some unique and affordable gifts to help bring your loved one some calm and pampering to their day- so without further ado, here is my gift guide for gifts that pamper and relax! 

1. Mega Greens Natural Detox Face Mask

There's nothing quite like slapping on a face mask and unwinding from the work day-- yes, even for you gentlemen! All that sweating at the gym can make breakouts more frequent, so take care of that skin. 20 minutes with this mask, and you'll feel like you had a mini facial.

Greens like parsley and spinach, along with antioxidants from superfoods like acai and bilberry make for a nourishing, natural face mask. I love the thickness of this mask, and it really makes my skin feel more moisturized and thoroughly cleansed at the same time. Many clay-texture masks will dry out my skin and strip its natural moisture, but not this one!

2. Spire Stress + Activity Tracker

There are many trackers in the world, like this one I included in my last gift guide, but this is the most unique I've ever seen.

This mini device tracks your breathing patterns to detect when you're stressed, and it lets you know via your phone app when it's time for you to take a few deep breaths and relax. It keeps track of physical activity, to give you a well-rounded overview of how you're doing with your health-- because after all, it really isn't just about working out when it comes to attaining your best health!

Lastly, it comes with meditation sessions on your app, which is an amazing bonus!

3. Clarisonic Cleansing System

Okay, this one is one of my favorite tools ever. The one minute that I brush this gently vibrating cleansing tool on my face is such a relaxing moment of zen. A perfect addition to anyone's bedtime routine to help keep their skin healthy with a little indulgence.

4. Calm + Detox Bath Salts

While baths may seem like it's just for "feel good" purposes, they actually play a big role in physical recovery, especially for gym-goers. Magnesium and minerals in the salts help encourage quicker muscle recovery and helps with extreme soreness.

These all-natural (non-toxic) ones from Herbivore are both affordable but they also come packaged beautifully for a great stocking stuffer or White Elephant gift.

5. Silk Pillowcase

I used to roll my eyes at the seeming frivolity of things like silk sheets, but this pillowcase was an absolute game-changer for my skin, hair, and relaxation. It's just so soft and it never gives me those awkward pillowcreases on my face in the mornings. Pair it with this silk sleep mask to feel like you're staying at a luxury hotel for the evening, right from your own bed!

6. Back Roller 

Recovery and soft-tissue care is so important for anyone who works out quite a bit. This back roller is great for t-spine mobilization, aka keeping that upper back nice and mobile (the way it should be) to help encourage less stress on your lower back. 

7. Hot + Cold Therapy Pressure Balls

Also in the theme of recovery here, these trigger point balls are awesome because you can make them hot or cold, depending on your need! Learning how to do soft-tissue work like this is huge and basically learning how to massage yourself-- a great gift for someone who is always talking about tightness in their bodies.

8. Wellness Tea Assortment Set

For me, there is something so relaxing about making yourself a nice cup of tea. It's such a wonderful gift too, because people rarely splurge on extra nice teas for themselves. Kusmi is one of my favorite premium brands for tea, and they have an amazing wellness line. It's all herbal, so it's perfect for the evening as you wind down for bed and you want to avoid caffeine.

If you're not sure if they have their own tea infuser, this wellness pack comes in individual tea bags-- but if you want to upgrade your gift to include this beautiful bell glass teapot with an infuser or this chic glass tea liter carafe + infuser.