Gift Guide for the Health-Conscious Foodie

We're really getting down the wire now with Christmas presents, with only 4 more days to go! 

I'm planning on swinging through the Union Square holiday market later today on the way home from client sessions, but I did some online shopping earlier today and wanted to share one last gift guide with you guys for last-minute gift ideas. 

This gift guide is for all your health-conscious food-loving friends- because let's face it, usually a love for the gym usually means love for the food too but we all want things that enable us to keep making healthier choices. This is a perfect complement to my gift guide for the fit foodie, kitchen gadgets edition.

Without further ado, let's get to it!

1. Thrive Market Subscription ($59.95)

Think of Thrive Market as the affordable food shopping site for all things healthy and organic. For less than $5 per month, you get 25-50% savings on all your favorite brand name health food companies delivered right to your home. They also have handy filters to be able to shop for just gluten-free, vegan, paleo, etc items! Lastly, every purchase of a membership also gives a low-income family a membership- it's the gift that keeps on giving! 

*Cooking Class ($ varies)*

I adore gifting experiences as gifts, and nothing would be better for a health-conscious foodie than to take a fun cooking class! Different cities all have different culinary institutes that offer classes, along with Sur La Table in select locations, but my very favorite in NYC has to be Haven's Kitchen <-- you can read more about my first cooking class here!

2. Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi ($21.49)

Know someone who is just starting to wander into the world of healthy eating? Give them the gift of this goooorgeous book by London-based Chef Ottolenghi, and show them how vegetables are anything but boring if cooked well. Seriously though, this book is food-porn for the eyes, and has some fantastic and healthy recipes.

3. Provence Gift ($225)

Move aside fruit baskets and edible arrangements-- this provence gift box brings you straight to France with Herbs de Provence, AOP olive oil, jam, and basically all the makings of the perfect picnic basket. 

4. Pantry Essentials ($89)

Also a great starter gift for someone just beginning to wander into the realm of healthy eating and cooking, this pantry essentials bundle gives you straight from Italy extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, cypress Mediterranean sea salt flakes, and fresh half-cracked peppercorns.

5. Cup 4 Cup Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour ($14.41)

An amazing gluten-free all-purpose flour for those staying away from gluten but wanting to participate in the holiday baking. Seriously, lifesaver.

6. Bourbon-Vanilla Extract ($27.49)

This might seem like a random gift, but a good vanilla extract makes a world of difference with all kinds of healthy breakfasts! Protein waffles, pancakes, overnight oats, etc. And it's something most people don't love to splurge on with their own money, so it's perfect for a gift. 

7. Collagen ($22.99) 

I talked a bit about my love for collagen in my iced matcha latte recipe, but seriously the health and beauty benefits are awesome- this collagen comes from grass-fed cattle, and is quite affordable!

8. Kusmi Wellness Tea Set ($34.90)

Nothing like tea to keep your caffeine intake under control and to encourage hydration for a healthy body! I love these wellness blends by Kusmi, and this little gift set is such a pretty gift for the holidays.

9. Banza Spaghetti 6-pack ($30) 

This amazing gluten-free, protein-packed pasta is one of my favorites, and their spaghetti is my personal favorite out of all their shape. Gift someone a 6-pack of these, and invite yourself over for dinner haha!

10. Artisanal Saffron ($35)

Like the vanilla paste, good artisanal saffron doesn't come cheaply but it's so worth the difference in quality of taste. My client once brought some for me back from Spain, and it was the best present ever. It's the one key ingredient in learning how to make a classic seafood paella too, which is usually a bucket-list recipe for a foodie to make! 

11. Mast Brothers Chocolate Bars ($10)
in Smoke + Bourbon VanillaStumptown Coffee, and Classic Dark

Alright, so maybe not exactly healthy here, but these artisanal Mast Brothers bars are THE ones you want when your sweet tooth needs a fix. They are indeed made of pure ingredients without preservatives. Those are my three favorite flavors from them, and together, they'd make a stellar stocking stuffer!