New Year, New Gear: Workout Inspiration


Everyone's new years kicking off in full swing?

I've talked before about how I don't believe in New Years resolutions (here's what I do instead), particularly when it comes to health and fitness, but what I am not at all above is using some cute new workout clothes to entice me to frequent the gym even more right off the bat.

Admit it: there's nothing quite like having a new outfit or workout gear that helps get your butt back in the gym after some time slacking off.  And I think we all could use a little extra kick in the butt to step our game up after inevitably taking it a bit easier over the holidays with food and downtime with family-- I know I can! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I've really made an effort to pare down my shopping over the past couple of years, so I only ever purchase the stuff I really need, can't live without (hey Marie Kondo life), and that will last me a long time. Considering though that workout clothes ARE my work clothes though, I do wear them down quite a bit and am frequently on the hunt for cute new workout clothes and gear.

Over the years, I've also become a stickler for high-performance pieces too because I can't stand stuff that looks pretty but doesn't survive sweaty and grueling workouts-- so all the brands on this list are tested and true! Some of these are up to 40% off, and brands of all price points are included. 

New Workout Clothes
Best New Workout Gear of 2017
New Workout Clothes


Ivy Park (Beyoncé's line) is affordable and stylish- this muscle tank in mint is perfect for HIIT
Really digging this Dri-Fit racerback in this pretty plum fog for no nonsense workouts
I am a sucker for blush + rose colors lately, so this metallic Spiritual gangster print is 😍
This sleek black tank has mesh inserts to keep you cool- perfect for boxing, barre, or spin

Long-Sleeve Tops

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Perfect for outdoor cold-weather running w/the turtle neck + thumb loops
Perfect layering piece without trapping in sweat- love the plum fog color
This is the cute top you throw on after a sweaty gym session on the way to brunch
Reminds me of my skating and ballet days, perfect for watching your form


How cool is this print? Alo's materials are also so lux + comfy, great for cold-weather workouts
These Zellas are at lower price point, but similar print and cropped
Gorgeous lace mesh inserts to keep you ventilated during sweaty HIIT
Super flattering print + love the weave detail at the bottom - perfect all-purpose crops
Some fancier beauties of full-length leggings for all kinds of workouts
Love these navy moto-leggings- definitely a pair you can wear out of the gym too
These Onzie crops are understated w/just enough flash. You rarely see this color insert too
Classic + affordable black crops w/mesh inserts, but also functional little zippers at the bottom

Sports Bras

Love this for the gym and higher-impact. Zella is amazing quality for lower prices
The gorgeous coral + strappy back make for a pretty bra perfect for yoga
Been so in love with pastels and this Dri-Fit is ideal for yoga or a sweaty barre class
Love the cool strap design, and it's good support for a run + gym