Intentional Living

*I shared this with my newsletter subscribers earlier this month, but I wanted to share it as we draw to the close of 2016, heading into the new year. Hope you guys enjoy!
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As some of you might have seen on my Instagram last week, I've been thinking about intentional living a lot lately. 

During the holidays especially, it's easy to get swept up in a flurry of "busy." 

Holiday parties, Q4 coming to a close, travel plans, gift shopping, family obligations; these all on top of the usual balancing act of working hard at your job, relationships, health, and self. That's a lot on a person. And it's so easy to slip into autopilot mode and just zip through everything to just get through it all alive.

But when we do this, we miss out on a lot. We miss out on making those memories that stick around in your mind long after they're made. We miss being fully present and feel like we were never there. We inevitably adopt not so great habits out of routine.

Starting right now, this season, let's live intentionally instead of passively.

Don't let yourself get lazy and live out of habit rather than intent.

The life, connection, and deeper fulfillment we all desire doesn't just happen upon us.
It's a result of practicing intentional living, day by day.

Being intentional with your mind, health, relationships, career, faith, and whatever else matters to you is not easy; but if those things truly matter to you, don't let them pass you by. 

🎇This year, let's not wait around until 2017 hits to make idyllic and unrealistic resolutions. Let's start being intentional, present, and earnest NOW, one day at a time🙏✨