How Daily Choices = Life Choices

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Truthful Thursday over here today, folks. 

An encouraging reminder to own your reality and check in with yourself and your self-awareness.

I have two questions I want you guys to ask yourself today:

Are your daily choices in alignment with the life you want for yourself?
If not, how do you expect your desired life to happen?

Recently, I had a fitness assessment with a new nutrition coaching client that wants to really change her eating habits and lifestyle. When asking her about her current eating habits, she mentioned that she has a bagel or croissant sandwich for breakfast about 2-3 workdays a week. When discussing our approach to making initial modifications to her food routine, I mentioned how 150 bagels a year adds up over time. She looked at me, shocked, saying that there was no way that she had that many in a year... then when I said 3 bagels per week x 52 weeks in a year = 156, she managed to look even more shocked than moments before. 

Here's the thing. We all do this ALL the time. 

  • That daily big mocha frappuccino for $4.50? Will cost you over $1600 in a year and about 165,000 calories at roughly 450 calories a pop. That's 47lb of fat, FYI.

  • 2 glasses of wine with dinner 3 times a week? Thats ~52 bottles of vino for yourself a year.

  • Skipping the gym and swear you'll go in next week? Mark this date down in your calendar. Check back in about a month. Did you go to the gym twice a week at all this month like you said you would? Have that fitter body that you promised you'd have this summer?
    The reward won't come without the daily work and consistency.

Before you go and say I'm ruining all the fun, this is not what I'm intending with this exercise in thought. I am all about owning your reality and living life in a balanced way, enjoying the things you love in moderation.

But that's the thing-- in the day-to-day, we so easily dismiss it as our "one afternoon treat" or a necessary pick me up. We brush these things off, saying they're small indulgences, so they even themselves out. But then off to that spiraling slope we go. 

It's impossible to ignore that the little things add up, and those small daily choices you make do impact your life on a larger scale. 

Don't go running off here and try to overhaul your life at once now. Will just leave you with 2 things:

1. Practice that self-awareness of your daily choices.

Simply take note of your daily actions, and observe them. Jotting things down in a notebook of choices made can really help you see an overview of your habits.

2. Plan your small changes.

Small changes = bigger outcomes. It's proven fact that smaller, consistent habit changes are far more successful in the long-run than large overhauling changes. 

What you do today is where you will be tomorrow. Do something today that your future self will thank you for!