8 Easy Ways to Feel Connected + Productive

8 Easy Ways to Feel Connected + Productive | Living Minnaly

Somehow we are at the end of October, and it feels like the holidays are going to be here before we know it! Life has been a bit of a whirlwind with work, travel, and family stuff. 

With my schedule being on the erratic side lately, it makes the times that I am home in NYC, it's super important to make that time count. But it can definitely be hard to feel connected and productive, when all you want to do after a some work travel or a big project is burrow in bed for a few days. Also, around this time of year, it's easy to feel a bit burned out with most peoples' work seasons being in peak right now.

Are you guys feeling similarly lately? 

When I get stuck in this feeling, I have to actively do certain things to get my head back in the game and feel reconnected, so that I can be productive and present.

If any of you are feeling a case of the Mondays, give some of these 8 easy tips to instantly feel more connected and productive a try:

8 Easy Ways to Feel Connected and Productive | Living Minnaly

1. Declutter

Take 3 minutes to organize your workspace.
It's amazing how much better and more easily you are able to focus after doing so. When your mind is feeling foggy, no need to add to it by having a messy environment.

2. Go ahead and complain. But be a solver, not a whiner.

Let's be real. No one enjoys being around the guy/girl that is always complaining and shoots down everyone's suggestions to alleviate their situation. We all need to vent sometimes, but complaining for complaining's sake is counter-productive and sets our mind up for all kinds of negativity that spreads throughout your day.
Most problems can be easily remedied. If you can’t, then the situation is likely one that's out of your control... so complaining won’t do anything to fix the problem.

3. Give compliments or say something thoughtful.

How many times have you thought to yourself, "I love that person's shirt" or "that was really nice of my friend to do that." Those thoughts are nice, but how much nicer would they be if you shared them? Doesn't it feel nice to be complimented by a random stranger? Or to hear from a friend how you are appreciated?
Be that person for someone.

4. Make eye contact and really listen

There's nothing more maddening than talking to someone while they're distracted or looking down at their phone while you're talking. Actually listen to the person you're conversing with and make eye contact with them-- if you do this with everyone you interact with today, you'll find yourself to be much more present and feeling more connected. It's gratifying.

5. Pay attention to how you're speaking to yourself

"Ugh, I really don't want to do this right now"
"I feel so awful after eating and drinking so much this weekend"
Negativity feeds negativity. It's up to you to break that cycle, plain and simple. Be aware of how you speak to yourself and the quality of your thoughts- they have the power to lift you up or drag you down, it's your choice.

6. Say or write what you're grateful for

Research has shown that we feel the effects of gratitude exponentially more when we actually vocalize what we are specifically grateful for, or write it down. On a bad day, say or write the little things you can be thankful for today.

7. Sweat it out

Sometimes you just need to sweat it out. Get those endorphins flowing and re-nergize yourself with a sweat session. Don't have time for a full workout? Go take a walk outside for a little mental reset, and DON'T look at your phone during it.

8. Say please and thank you; make small talk with strangers

Getting your morning coffee? Ask your barista how they're doing. Chances are, they haven't been asked that much today. Use all your opportunities to connect with others and engage in conversation. It takes very little effort, you'll usually find yourself rewarded with those good feels after positive interactions and simply connecting with others.

Choose connection today. 

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