Hudson Valley Weekend Getaways from NYC: Hudson

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Being in New York City can be a bit of a bubble- you sadly forget that an outside world exists sometimes. But while the city has endless things to offer, sometimes you need to get away from the hustle of it all and enjoy some nature- particularly during seasons as gorgeous as fall and winter. 

Lately upstate has been becoming the new reprieve for New Yorkers needing to get away on the weekends. Having done this quite a bit over the past year now, I wanted to share with you some of the best spots to go. Whether it's the serenity of the outdoors you're looking for, quiet B&B's, farmer's markets to browse, or little charming streets filled with shopping, there's a little bit of something for everybody upstate! 

I'll be covering a few different towns in Hudson Valley, but this week I'm starting with Hudson:

Where To Caffeinate: 

OR Gallery and Tavern
Tripling as a coffeeshop, tavern, and gallery, this funky open space that looks a bit like a garage served up one of the best pour-over coffees I've ever had. And the mug was also quite sizey, which made my sleepy eyes happy on a Saturday morning. Also, there are brews on tap for those looking for something stronger around noon. 

The Coffee Bar at Moto Coffee Machine
They really like their multi-purpose coffeeshops up here in Hudson! This cool spot is a nifty little coffeeshop in the front, filled with awesome coffee varieties (like JOE coffee & 49th Street Parallel) and local pastries, and then a motorcycle shop in the back. 

Photo cred:  Dante Vincent blog

Photo cred: Dante Vincent blog

Where To Eat: 

Grazin' Diner
This seemingly innocuous classic diner sources all of their meat and dairy for their burgers and milkshakes from their own grass-fed farm. Most everything on the menu is organic and locally-sourced as well. It felt nice to eat at a place with quality foods without all the bells and whistles of some "trendier" restaurants in the city.

Talbott & Arding Cheese and Provisions
This little grocery shop with a deli counter was a dream. All of the artisanal goodies and foods of NYC and all the local farmer's goods in the Hudson area in one carefully curated place: produce, baked goods, dairy, meats, pastas, coffees. If I were to live away from NYC, I just ask that I can take this shop with me as a little slice of all the wonderful foods of the city here.

Bonfiglio & Bread
Alas, we were out of time to stop by here, but under multiple recommendations, I feel safe passing along word that the cinnamon buns are NOT to be missed. I'll have to go back just for these, I think. 

Photo credit:  Bonfiglio & Bread

Photo credit: Bonfiglio & Bread

Where To Stay:

Mount Merino Manor B&B
This place is just a stunner of a manor. With a long sweeping driveway through the gorgeous trees (just look at that fall foliage I luckily got to capture!), up to the classic B&B feels of the bedrooms with a mountain view, this is your quiet slice of heaven a 5 minute drive from all the main action in Hudson. *Bottom 2 photos credit to Mount Merino Manor

Where To Explore/Stroll:

Warren Street: 
This is THE street for all the food and shopping in Hudson. Pretty much all the aforementioned locations are on Warren Street. If you're into antiques, there are too many stores to count to wander into to find something special. Valley Variety is an adorable food/art/stationary store to browse around. Finch (pictured below) is a beautiful store filled with unique furniture, jewelry, beauty, and fashion finds. If you're looking for gourmet grocery, look no further than the famous Olde Hudson. Now, in the Christmas spirit, Matt McGhee is a store filled with all things holiday. Lastly, the First Presbyterian Church is a beautiful one to admire and/or visit should you choose.

Hudson Farmer's Market:
Obviously, I couldn't go without mentioning this- the market happens every Saturday 9am-1pm from late Spring through late Fall. So many vendors I've seen before at Union Square Greenmarket appeared here, but even better as it's right in Hudson where they're from! Found the biggest apple there that could barely fit on my palm. Everything from cheeses with local dairy, flavored salts, fresh produce, and some of the friendliest vendors, this is a treat to stroll around.

I'm no true expert on Hudson, but we had a grand old time exploring this charming little town and we did cover quite a bit of ground! Have you guys been? If so, any recommendations to see in the area?