Best of Montréal, Minnaly

Last November, I spontaneously booked a holiday trip to Montréal for a solo travel trip. I chose the city because it was the cheapest trip I could find, considering that it is a frozen tundra in the wintertime and no one usually picks to go to a colder place during winter except crazy me. Little did I know that this adorable city would hold such sentimental value to me, fast-forward nearly a year later. 

A major reason why this city feels so special to me is because it was where a cherished relationship of mine flourished, but it also is because the city itself is, as I said, adorable. It reminds me quite a bit of NYC in that it has starkly distinct neighborhoods that have differing vibes- Mile End feels like Williamsburg, Westmount feels a bit like Park Slope, Old Port has a West Village feel. So naturally, this New Yorker felt right at home.

About Montréal

Basilique Notre-Dame du Sacré-Couer

Basilique Notre-Dame du Sacré-Couer

From good eats, friendly people, charming neighborhoods, and beautiful sights to see, Montréal is a wonderful city for a little getaway. Having been in both wintertime and now summertime, I loved seeing it both ways. If you are a big holiday person, I highly recommend coming around the holiday season- they take Christmas very seriously up here in the most wonderfully spirited way.

Something to note for new visitors: Montréal is a bilingual city. If you don't speak a lick of French, don't stress- typically, locals will greet you first in French but once they realize you are an English-speaker, they will happily switch over to English, impressively accent-less.

Funny enough, when I ventured up here the first time, I didn't know many people who had visited before so I didn't have very many recommendations and had to research it on my own (local Instagrammers were a HUGE help). However, now I know several people who grew up there and it's becoming a more popular destination amongst my fellow New Yorker friends.

I've gotten asked several times for recommendations of the city, so I've compiled a couple lists for you guys on the best of Montréal in my eyes. I also added in a few places I didn't get to but were highly recommended by trusted friends and travelers. So, here are the following: 

The Best of Montréal, done #minnaly:

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Westmount Library Botanical Garden

Westmount Library Botanical Garden