Everyday Plating & Presentation

Growing up with two aunts and a grandma who loved to cook, I was always surrounded by good food. More specifically, good food that was always styled and plated beautifully. My mom was never that interested in cooking, but she was still a killer cook and she loved to play around with presentation of food. 

How cute is this egg-white bunny with grapes and carrots (art seen in Chelsea Market)? Also, just playing around with the tiniest watermelon I found last summer at the Union Square Farmers Market. 

Whenever I am too short on time to cook a more intricate meal or whenever I am getting bored with some of the simpler foods I typically stick to just get my proper nutrition during tough training periods, I focus on my plating and presentation. Even with the simplest snacks, you can make it feel like a more wholesome and complete experience by taking the extra 30 seconds to arrange it nicely.

For fast eaters like me, it also subconsciously makes me slow down and take the time to savor my food- do you ever notice how in a nice restaurant you're less likely to mindless scarf down your meal compared to eating your dinner out of tupperware just sitting on your couch watching Netflix? 

Below are some snippets of some past favorite simple, quick plating arrangements of mine. Can you tell I like geometric patterns? 

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