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Lemon-Tahini Chia Dressing + Food Prep Tips

Whether you are an entrepreneur like me with an unpredictable schedule, a freelancer hustling at home, or someone at an office job, eating healthy meals during the weekday can be challenging. Nothing is worse than also buying a ton of fresh produce in good faith, not use them because of a particularly busy week, and then feel like you’re repeating the same cycle over and over again, right?

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How to Make the Perfect Pourover Coffee

You guys know I love me my coffee. There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly ground coffee beans and then coffee in the making. I'm non-discriminatory when it comes to my coffee too-- I appreciate a classic drip, french press, espresso, cappuccinos, and pourovers. They all have different characteristics! I used to primarily do french press at home in my old apartment because I had zero counter space to keep a grinder or other equipment, but when I moved into my new place, my housewarming gift to myself was a full pourover set and it quickly became my favorite way to brew at home. I've instagrammed this so often on Stories, and I've gotten enough messages asking how to do a proper pourover that I thought it was time to do a formal blog post!

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12 Festive Holiday Recipes

Happy Friday, everyone! 

We are officially in the single-digit countdown to Christmas! And it is FRIGID outside in NYC today, oh boy. But I'm trying to embrace that "Hygge" feeling, regardless!

If work and life have been keeping you busy and unable to join in on holiday activities like holiday baking, I've got a perfect roundup of festive holiday recipes for you guys today to jump right in.

Many of these recipes are super easy and don't require much advance cooking or baking skills, so there's no intimidation factor here! Also most of these are gluten-free and vegan optional for those with dietary restrictions....

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My 5 Tips for Thanksgiving Prep + Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

It is crazy pants that it is only 3 more days until Thanksgiving! 

Most everyone is probably finding themselves in a frenzy, trying to prepare for this holiday, so today, I've got my best tips for Thanksgiving and a roundup of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes to help you out. Whether it's your first Thanksgiving you're in charge of or a guest responsible for one or more dishes, I've got all the tips and tricks I've learned over the years to help you out.

This year is a year of firsts for me personally, as we used to always celebrate my Dad's birthday on Thanksgiving, so this makes my heart ache that it's the first Thanksgiving and holiday without him. Secondly, I won't be in charge of making a Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in I think about 5 years, as I'll be at my boyfriend's family's for Thanksgiving. 

So, it's a little strange not preparing menus and making pie crusts to put in the freezer, but I'm kind of enjoying it this year. First up, here are some of my favorite signature recipes I've made throughout the years for my family's Thanksgiving:

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How to Peel and Cube Butternut Squash (without losing a finger)

Whether we want to think about it or not, Thanksgiving is only a little over 3 weeks away! Trust me, I'm just as confused where time has gone this year. 

Even if you aren't involved with Thanksgiving cooking and simply want to enjoy fall's bounty of produce, I wanted to go over how to peel and cube a butternut squash without losing a finger (or two). I first put a little guide together in my recipe for Roasted Brown Butter and Sage Butternut Squash, but I figured I should do an entirely separate guide for this for all my new readers and for those who might have missed that recipe! 

Squash can be oddly intimidating, especially for someone who doesn't spend too much time in the kitchen. Breaking one down can seem too difficult, and a lot of us resort to using the canned stuff.

While I have no qualms about taking my shortcuts where I can and using the canned stuff sometimes, using a fresh squash while in season is so worth the extra 5 minutes to break it down. 

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Strawberry Recipe Roundup

Truth be told, I've been rather unimaginative in the kitchen. And I'm not giving myself a hard time about it. I've been challenging myself to cook all my meals (except social occasions) at home, and I've been doing really well! The catch is, is that I've been so busy lately that I am sticking to the basics and pretty much eating the same foods everyday. There have been...

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Lemon-Raspberry Chia Hand Pies + Pie Crust Cutout Tutorials

After having so many of you guys request the recipe and instructions for how I made my handpies I posted on my Instagram awhile back, and also the pie I made for my family's Thanksgiving- I am finally sharing it with you guys! 

This post will cover my Raspberry-Lemon Chia Hand Pies, as well as how to make the fun crust I did for my Apple Cider Caramel Pie from Food52 that I made for Thanksgiving...

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