Beauty of Our Bodies

I pretty much said all of what has been on my mind in my post last week on body judgment/shaming.

The universe is aligning though, because a really kicka** ladyboss fitness coach and writer that I love, Molly Galbraith, co-founder of Girls Gone Strong, shared this post on her Facebook page recently that went absolutely viral. Shared by celebrities and major media online outlets, all because of the beauty and truth in her honest message. 

This is my body. This not a before picture. This is not an after picture.This just happens to be what my body looks...

Posted by Molly Galbraith on Friday, January 1, 2016

Her post spoke so deeply to me, because I could relate and have been through nearly every word she wrote. I think a lot of ladies have, which is why it resonated so profoundly in mass circles. 

Another kicka** ladyboss, Neghar Fonooni, speaks along the same lines in an article she wrote awhile back called "Ripped and Miserable." She speaks against so much of these unfortunate messages out there equating body image to value. Leanness will not make you happy, if that is what you equate to happiness. I don't mean to say you can't be lean and happy at the same time- rather, that chasing after something for the purpose of feeling whole will not make you feel whole. Only you yourself can make yourself feel whole, through self-love and awareness.

I just wanted to share these two posts with you guys today, and I'll leave you with this encouragement:

Let's celebrate the beauty of our bodies.

If you're lucky enough to have healthy legs that are strong enough to run for miles, jump for joy, and dance like a fool; If you're lucky enough to have a stomach that can digest food well, cramp from laughing so hard; if you're lucky enough to have strong arms that allow you to lift your baby from the floor, hug your loved ones fiercely, and throw some kettlebells around at the gym;
Let's celebrate THAT.

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