2-Ingredient Pancakes

When I first saw this recipe on Instagram, my first thought was, "that's total crap. There is no way you can make anything remotely pancake-like with two ingredients." After seeing which two ingredients they were, my first thought replayed word-for-word in my head. 

Curiosity got the best of me, and my Nutribullet and some overly ripe bananas were calling my name. Weird side note-I canNOT stand really ripe bananas- even a few little brown spots, and I think they're too sweet to eat on their own. So first signs of ripening, they're shunned to my freezer or a blender.

I was wrong. These were surprisingly damn good. If fluffy pancakes are what you're aiming for, I suggest you add protein powder and some type of alternative "flour" (almond meal, oat flour, etc), because fluffy these are not; however, they are more of a thin, crepe-like consistency, reminiscent of flat Dutch pancakes. They have just a hint of sweetness, and perfectly filling.

2-Ingredient Pancakes


*Serves 2

4 Eggs
2 Ripe Bananas

Tools needed: Blender is preferred here for consistency, but hand mixer can work. 

*I lied, I added a 3rd ingredient of frozen blueberries, warmed up. YUM.



1. Heat up a griddle or pan on medium-high heat. Use oil spray or butter to moisten pan a tad.

2. Combine eggs and bananas in a blender. Blend on high for 20-30 seconds until mixture reaches smooth, liquid-like texture.

3. Pour batter onto griddle, flip over when top surface begins to bubble a bit.

*Tip: I would pour the batter the size of silver dollars, rather than larger pancakes, as consistency is thin and therefore on the delicate side. Easier to flip and not make a total mess. 

4. Serve with whatever topping your heart desires. Get creative, and sneak some extra protein on there with some nut butter or even a greek-yogurt blend.