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Lemon-Tahini Chia Dressing + Food Prep Tips

Whether you are an entrepreneur like me with an unpredictable schedule, a freelancer hustling at home, or someone at an office job, eating healthy meals during the weekday can be challenging. Nothing is worse than also buying a ton of fresh produce in good faith, not use them because of a particularly busy week, and then feel like you’re repeating the same cycle over and over again, right?

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My Thoughts on Wellness Trends, Celery Juice, and What 'Detoxification' Actually Is

I’ve been asked many times from followers, media outlets, and friends about what my thoughts are on certain diets of the moment (paleo, keto, IF, etc.) and trends (bulletproof coffee, adaptogens, and now the infamous celery juice). I decided to put this blog post together to hopefully clarify my perspective that really applies to ALL trends, no matter the year— a perspective of understanding based on my education and experience over the past nearly 7 years in this industry. I am always a proponent of providing tools to people for them to make the right decision for themselves, rather than encouraging them to do or not do something….

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How to Support Your Skin from the Inside Out

One of the most emotionally frustrating parts of my Hashimoto’s and hormonal imbalance issues has most definitely been the onset of hormonal acne. I know at first glance, it can seem like an insignificant thing compared to some of the more dramatic physiological symptoms I’ve experienced— but having skin issues can be something that really impacts your self-confidence, causing more stress, which then just makes your skin even worse. It can be a nasty cycle that can feel really hopeless in a lot of ways.

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How to Make Bone Broth: Tutorial + Tips

I have been waiting forever to make this post for you guys! Bone broth is something I had been sipping and slurping since I was a teeny thang, thanks to my Korean roots. In Korean culture, that silky, rich broth is a go-to for cold weather days, sick days, and days after a rough night out. I didn't realize this back then, but bone broth is ridiculously nutrient dense and healthy. 

Bone broth is also one of the foods I credit for helping heal my gut health and managing my inflammation from my autoimmune disease (Hashimoto's), thanks to the abundance of collagen and minerals that get extracted out of those grass-fed bones. So I was...

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Why I Eat Local + Urban Farming w/Gotham Greens

Eating locally has become all the more important to me in the past few years. The more I've gotten educated about nutrition and food practices, the more I've learned what is actually important versus what is just a buzzword. Eating locally has become a bit of a trendy thing, and people lump it into a bunch of healthy buzz words alongside "organic" "all-natural" "plant-based" "non-GMO." Consumers see those words and associate whatever they're buying to be healthy... but that's not exactly true.

Today, I want to share with you guys some things I've learned over the years about eating locally grown produce, and how to navigate those labels so that your dollar actually goes towards what matters and not just marketing speak. My good friend and fellow blogger Jules, of Om and the City, and I teamed up with Gotham Greens to talk about the importance of this and more about their innovative urban farming practices that...

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My 3 Spring Produce Favorites + 9 Recipes

One of my favorite parts of a new season, is welcoming seasonal produce that hasn't been around in some time. And while some produce is available nearly year-round, you'll find that it never tastes quite as amazing (or is as cheap!) as when it is in season. 

Eating seasonally and locally is something that is super important to me (post coming next week on that!), as there are nothing but benefits on all fronts of doing so. It's cheaper because it's easier for your local farmers to produce during optimal conditions for that produce, it's tastier because it's optimal weather conditions to create fresh flavor, AND it's more nutrient-dense during peak season than any other time. 

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6 Quick Post-Workout Breakfast Ideas + Tricks

One of my new training clients asked me what would be some of the best breakfast meals to eat after our workouts in the morning, and it's a super commonly asked question. A post-workout meal should be healthy, protein-packed, and filling because you want to make sure that you're reaping in the benefits of that hard workout you just sweated your butt off for. But then combine that with the morning rush of trying to get out the door on the weekdays for work, it can make things a little tricky sometimes, leaving some people to skip breakfast. And that is the worst thing you can do after a workout. So, I wanted to share some of my favorite quick and easy post-workout breakfast ideas and tricks...

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Nutrition and Food Non-Negotiables

Soooo I posted a shorter blurb of this on my Instagram a few months ago, but I wanted to give you guys some (literal) food for thought this Wellness Wednesday!

I overheard an interesting conversation at a coffeeshop one day. A man was telling his friend how his trainer told him that coffee/caffeine is horrible for you and it was off limits. He then proceeded...

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4 Priorities for Stress-Free Healthy Eating while Traveling

It's hard enough getting into a healthy lifestyle and routine. And then when you finally feel like you've gotten a handle on the healthy eating thing, you have to go out of town on business or have a fun trip coming up. And then in comes the bread baskets, fast food, steak dinners, alcohol, etc. Sound familiar?

So how do you keep healthy while remaining sane during travels?

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