Live 24k now at Free People!

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HOLY CANNOLI have I been waiting several months to share this announcement!

Live 24k's Golden Fuel tins are now available to purchase on

This new development is exciting in many obvious ways, but it has a special dimension of significance to me in that it feels extremely full circle.

When I was 18 years old and finishing up my freshman year of college, I got hired to work at Free People's flagship store on 5th avenue as a retail associate. This became my job all the way through my junior year of college, and I absolutely loved working there. Minus the fact that I would spend about 75% of my paycheck back there using my employee discount (totally my fault, but hey the clothes were so cute!), it was truly an amazing first paid job in NY. I loved my bosses and my fellow colleagues there, and gained invaluable experience with working with people. I believe that everyone should work a service job at some point in their life, because you learn so much.

So it feels incredible to me that the company that gave me my first paid job in New York is now selling my baby as a part of their incredible wellness offering. I love that Free People has this entire section of their website and some dedicated FP Movement stores to supporting brands that seek to help their customers with their health the way that we do over at Live 24k.

So what is awesome and different about Live 24k selling on versus direct on Live 24k's website? Two main things:

1. On our international #goldengang can finally purchase their Golden Fuel!

We are still a bit small to be handling international distribution, but thankfully Free People has international shipping. SO our international crew that has long been waiting to be able to purchase it, now can! It's a $35 flat fee for orders under $150 but if your Free People order is over $150 (or over $100 in Canada + AUS), it's free shipping internationally! Read more here on their policy.

2. Packaging will be different

When you order directly through our website, you'll be getting our beautiful in-house branded packaging, paying $4 for standard shipping +handling, unless you buy 3+ tins and then it's free.

When you order through Free People, the tin will arrive simply on it's own, but all the shipping is handled through them. They offer free shipping over $100 in purchases, shipping cost/speed is estimated based on where you're shipping to, and also will throw in gifts with purchases occasionally during promos with beauty and wellness products!

So, neither way is better-- just what you're looking for 😊

ALSO! On February 18th, I will also be teaching my second class at Free People's Movement store in SoHo alongside my good friend Jules of Om & The City (Register HERE)-- we will be having iced Golden Lattes afterwards as well to celebrate our excitement with joining the FP family! 

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