Current Clean Skin Favorites

Healthy skincare has been having a MOMENT for the past two years. Women (and men) everywhere are trading in Saturday nights out for Saturday nights in, with sheet masks and green juices because they have to get up at 8am for their Sunday yoga class. Sound familiar?

Everyone is all about caring for their skin as much as possible these days, and that extends from skincare to makeup to internal well-being and care. So after struggling with so many skin issues, I wanted to share my favorite clean skincare and makeup favorites that have made the biggest difference for me, since I know my fellow sweat-tribe can also struggle with this! 

I transitioned over to all-natural clean beauty products awhile ago because some unique issues. After struggling with exhausting autoimmune issues for the past 3 years that come with wildly unpredictable hormonal imbalances, I started to read more and more studies on how disruptive toxic household cleaners and beauty supplies were to my endocrine (hormone) system. Also because of the wildly changing hormones, I was suffering from some major adult acne. That possibly tied with the energy level plummeting for the hardest thing to struggle with.

Being a trainer, I'm constantly running around all day and sweating pretty frequently. I hate having makeup on while sweating, as I can practically feel my pores clogging every second that goes by, especially since most mainstream makeup brands out there are filled with all these crazy ingredients that are not natural. 

I try to wear no makeup as much as possible, but I like to wear some natural-looking basics to look professional for meetings, and need it for photoshoots (sans bronzer I look like a vampire). I was having a lot of trouble finding clean basic makeup, and I also have very little patience for carrying around a heavy bag of products while I'm running around the city 15 hours a day. Every time I would go into Sephora, I was so overwhelmed with all the options (I can't even deal with the concept of contouring, what?!) and no one could tell me the ingredients in all of these products. 

Then I stumbled on a photo of lilah b's eyeshadow quad on Instagram and my eye immediately just zoned in on the beautiful packaging. I reached out to them to learn more about the brand and was thrilled to learn that they don't use parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, or phtalates. They use aloe, agar, and other botanicals to make clean and streamlined makeup products. Exactly what I needed!

So their universally flattering bronzer duo has saved my pale skin this winter and their eyeshadow quad is so, so nice to have for exactly the color palette I need to create either a daytime or more formal look. Their retractable brush (it retracts + has a cap!) is also amazing, as I am the biggest germaphobe for things that touch my face and cannot for the life of me understand why more brands don't make individual covers for their brushes. Also, that packaging is insane-- the heavy white compact subtly slides right open in a swivel-like fashion. Swoon.

Anyhow, now onto sharing my latest favorites and how I use 'em!

My current clean skin beauty routine:

I am constantly washing my face because I'm sweating so frequently, that hydration inside and out is super important. I drink a lot of water, and I'll try to use Dr. Jart Vital Hydra Solution sheet mask every 2-3 days, and then Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Mask once a week to soak up some vitamins and clean my skin a little deeper. Also, speaking of vitamins, I make sure to get my fish oil, vitamin D, and probiotic, in particular for my skin.

Whenever I wash my face, I immediately apply 3 drops of Glossier Super Bounce and massage/tap in into my skin. I can't rave about this product enough-- it seriously makes my face feel like a baby's ass right after I apply it, my skin soaks up that moisture immediately thanks to the vitamin B and the hyaluronic acid.

After this, I'll start on the makeup with apply Honest Beauty Duo as my concealer wherever I need it. I'll follow it up with my Lilah B. Bronzed Duo in Sun Kissed to give my skin a little life. Depending on the day, I'll pick to blend either a lighter or darker combination of the Lilah B. Eyeshadow Quad in b. fabulous and throw on some Buxom Lash mascara. I then swipe on Glossier Generation G Matte Lipstick in Like (I'm obsessed, have gone through 2 tubes of this and I've never done that with lipstick). Throughout the day, I'll dab on some of my Glossier Flavored Balm Dotcom in Cherry because it moisturizes my lips better than any chapstick, plus it has a fun cherry scent that throws me back to the 90's! 

Special thanks to lilah b. for partnering on this post
and to you guys for continuing to support the brands that keep Living Minnaly going!