Guess Who's Back: Announcements, ICYMI, and What to Expect on the Blog

Shady's back back back. 

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Sleep deprivation will make your jokes come out so much less funny than it sounds in your headπŸ˜‚

My last real post was May 10th. That was 74 days, or about 2.5 months ago 😱😳😭

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Over 100 client training sessions, 12 freelance photography projects, over 20 blogging events, 3 freelance articles published, about a dozen shoots + collaborations, 1 wedding, 3 Hamptons trips for work (and 1 for fun), my niece's 100 day birthday, yoga in Times Square, furniture selling on craigslist, and finally now packing for my big move tomorrow:

This is all the stuff that happened over that span of 74 days, and this doesn't even include what has been completely owning me and the majority of my time-- my upcoming launch that I've been super secretive about! Meetings, spreadsheets, legal papers, design, and product testing galoooooore. This is not me tooting my "busy" horn-- it's more my explanation + apology for being abruptly MIA on this space for the first time since I launched the blog in August 2014. Up until now, I have not been away from the blog for more than 10 days at a time, so this was quite the abrupt departure from that consistency I always strived to uphold.

Given all the exciting things that are happening around here that I cannot WAIT to share with you, I hope you guys will forgive me for my going AWOL. I was absolutely taking on too much with my commitments, and I had to hit the pause button on this in order to create space for the other things and to well, not die.

Even right now I have no business writing this post, seeing as how the movers are coming in 10 hours and I'm not done packing...(Mom, if you're reading this, I'm totally kidding + everything is fine!!) But I have missed you too dearly! Especially during this past week when I was begrudgingly spending the majority of my time cleaning and packing, I was itching to creatively write, shoot photos, and create beautiful content for you guys. My hands miss holding a camera while creatively exploring, and my brain has lots of content brimming-- it's exciting to feel this way!

As you guys are reading this right now, I should be getting ready to load up that moving truck (follow along on my Stories for moving shenanigans today!), but I wanted to loop you guys in on some stuff you won't want to miss πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Some Exciting Announcements + ICYMI's:

Coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled :) I'm dying to share it with you guys!

I'll be taking over @thefeedfeed Instagram Stories this Thursday as the start to a fun healthy series I'll be doing about once a month! Make sure to follow along this week, as I show you guys a bit on a day in my life, a healthy recipe (cooked in my NEW KITCHEN), and a quick and easy mini at-home workout.

My post for The Everygirl on 11 healthy breakfasts in under 15 minutes went up last week! Don't forget to also check out my favorite healthy picks at Starbucks, the healthiest options at chain restaurants, and my favorite healthy freezer aisle grocery list items. Also have some fun pieces in the queue for some of your other favorite websites coming!


What you can expect over the next couple months here on the blog:

Woohoo! It's been FAR too long since I've done that consistently, and it was largely due to my living situation + time constraints the past few months that made home cooking and shooting very difficult. But I'll have an amazing new kitchen as of today to work with! Look out for more content that will capture the making of recipes, action shots, and maybe even a little video if we're feeling crazy over here-- all stuff I wasn't able to do in my shoebox kitchen, and I don't think you guys understand how giddy I am about this!

3 magical words: Gym. In. Building. That's right, my new digs has a giant gym filled with amazing toys like a ski rower, an arm erg machine, hanging ropes, Jacobs ladder, slam balls, etc. Will actually be able to film workout clips as well as doing some more fun stuff with my dear Victoria.

There's been a lot going on that I've been doing personally to improve my health with my Hashimoto's (hint hint, my launch has something to do with this!), my nutrition, and my beauty + skincare routine that I haven't really gone into detail about on Instagram but am amped to begin sharing on here. A clean lifestyle transition throughout my home, living, products, and foods: that clean lifestyle has taken on new meaning for me and I hope by sharing my experience, I can help you guys!

I've long been an interior nut since the early days of Pinterest when I was the only nerd pinning pictures out of my friends, and I'm so excited to share and document the process of making my new place a true home. My old apartment was a mish mosh of furniture brought from my middle school days, and some college student budget buys, so I'm excited to finally put my personal touch on the space I spend so much time in since I work from home a lot.

I also want to know what YOU guys want to see more of on this space-- what would you like to see as summer winds down and fall kicks up?