Shrimp w/Charred Corn, Basil, and Aleppo Pepper Brown Butter Pasta

Ugh. These Black and Bolyard boys are killing me with their recipes! First it was the bay leaf brown butter penne with pancetta, asparagus, and mushrooms, and now this ridiculous dish. 

I admit- looking at the ingredients, I may not have picked it off a restaurant menu for myself. Lime and basil aren't usually my thing, combining those sweeter flavors in a savory dish. But I would have sorely missed out, because I made this and immediately knew I needed to make a second batch to pop in the freezer for a quick gourmet dish for a lazy weeknight dinner.

I'm keeping this post super short and sweet because you need to just hurry up make this.

It's really straightforward to make and the list of ingredients are simple, AND this dish is packed with protein and lower on the carbs for a pasta dish, thanks to the shrimp and the awesome Banza pasta that I love (14g protein/24g carb per serving). Perfect post-workout dinner.

Let's get a move on!

Shrimp w/Charred Corn, Basil, and Aleppo Pepper Brown Butter Pasta

Recipe by Black and Bolyard
Serves 4; Gluten-free, nut-free


1 box Banza Shells
20 medium shrimp, shells removed
2 ears Corn
1 bunch Basil, fresh
4 cloves Garlic
1 Tbsp. Canola Oil
3 oz. Black & Bolyard Aleppo Pepper Brown Butter
to taste Lime Juice
to taste Lime Zest
to taste Sea Salt


1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Season the water liberally with salt.

2. Clean the ears of corn by peeling back the husk and removing the hairs. Trim the corn kernels off of the ears and set aside.

3. Heat a medium cast iron pan over high heat. Add canola oil and the corn to the pan and let char, stirring only a couple times to achieve a dark color.

*Whole ears of corn can also be grilled over high heat in place of using a cast iron pan, then the kernels can be trimmed off.

4. Lightly season the charred corn and remove from the cast iron pan. Set aside.

5. Using a chef's knife, gently smash the garlic cloves between the heel of the knife and the cutting board. Discard the skin of the garlic and finely mince the cloves together.

6. Heat a medium pan over medium-low heat and add the Black & Bolyard Aleppo Pepper Brown Butter. Season the shrimp with salt. Add the shrimp and garlic and cook together until fragrant.

7. Pick the basil leaves and lightly rinse to remove any grit. Dry the leaves and cut into approximately 1/4" slices.

8. Drop the box of Banza pasta into the same boiling salted water and stir occasionally to prevent sticking.

9. Meanwhile, add the charred corn to the pan with the garlic and shrimp. Add the sliced basil at this stage as well.

10. When the pasta is slightly al dente, strain from the boiling water and add to pan with a few splashes of the pasta water from the pot. Cook for another minute to meld the components and toss to coat the pasta.

11. Adjust seasoning with salt and fresh lime juice in the pan, then transfer to bowls. With a microplane, zest the limes over the top of the pasta.