Life Lately: Personal Update

I've thought several times about when and how I would write this post, and the timing just didn't feel right. Not only the timing, but I didn't even know where to begin describing the situation.

Even though I share a decent amount of my personal life on here and on Instagram, when things involve other people like my family or friends, I try to respect their privacy to not overshare things and I need to keep certain things private and cherished for myself. But it's finally time to let you guys in on the very difficult thing affecting my heart these past few months, as it is the reason I am taking a hiatus from this blog here for at least this week and perhaps the next.

I was sitting here, trying to rack my brain and finish up on two blogposts I had planned for this week, and I just couldn't do it. It felt horribly inauthentic and insincere to be trying to work and write about recipes and travel when I was sitting 3 feet from my father's bed. 

My father's liver cancer came back in April, and it has been a very tough past few months for my family. Inoperable tumors left us with chemo that didn't work, and hospice has been happening for weeks. 

Time is drawing close. I need to be true to myself and give myself the space to fully be with my family as much as possible during this time. Personally, it feels downright inappropriate to me to be blogging when my heart and mind is completely somewhere else, and where it belongs at this time. 

So I will be off of this space for the time being, and will be back when I feel it is appropriate in my heart and mind. Thank you for all of your support, love, and prayers, as they are so very appreciated. <3

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