Updates: Defining Living Minnaly

It's here! A giant photo of my face to welcome you to Monday!

Just kidding.

In all seriousness, I am really excited to share the updates happening on Living Minnaly with you guys today. We are just a month shy of our TWO-year anniversary (whaaat?!), and both the blog and myself have gone through quite a bit of changes. 

So today, I'm sharing with you all what exactly Living Minnaly means, where it started, and where it's headed.

Where it started

Two years ago, Living Minnaly was born as the brainchild of my coaching career and the life-changing effects I was experiencing due to my hip surgery three months prior. I was sending the same articles repeatedly to my clients, but adding my own addendum to correct a lot of the poor, science-lacking information out there in fitness and health media. 

I created Living Minnaly to be a hub of wellness: to both help spread factual information on exercise science/nutrition, and promote a 360º approach to health, along with sharing my own personal journey to recovery from surgery and my own health journey.

THEN. A few months after launching the blog, I began to experience the effects of my newly-developed autoimmune issues I highly suspect was an aftermath effect of my surgery. A rollercoaster of varying thyroid levels and major hormonal imbalances set me up for days of unimaginable fatigue, inflammation, extreme weight gain/loss, and adult acne, all that made me feel so self-conscious every single day. It felt like I got swept up in this unexpected and frustrating world where my body was no longer mine, and it behaved however it wanted regardless of how I treated it. 

To cut to the chase, it was a very confusing time for me where I felt challenged on everything I thought I knew about health. It became difficult for me to share my personal stories because I barely knew how to make sense of them myself. 

What happened

So, as life does, it carried on. The blog continued to flourish and thrive, and I was doing a lot of work I love, which I am grateful for. But while this was all happening, I slowly started to back up and hide behind a curtain. Because sometimes while I was struggling to even make sense of the hardships I was grappling with, it was easier to put up pretty photos of recipes and things and call it a day.

My presence was diminishing, and I wasn't owning my reality as much as I was capable of doing. And with this blog literally bearing my name, I knew I needed to redirect things.

Where it's headed, and what Living Minnaly truly means

For all you newcomers, Hi! My name is Minna.

I'm a work in progress with an "under construction" sign on my forehead, just like every other human on this planet. And I think that's a beautiful thing.

I believe we are ever-learning, ever-growing people, making mistakes and learning lessons along the way. I think that rather than pursuing happiness, we'd be better off pursue LIVING instead.

I strive to live an authentic life that embraces transparency, the beauty of vulnerability, and courageously standing in one's truth. I was drawn to coaching because I want to help others do the same and live their fullest life imaginable.

I'm excited to produce more content that is reflective of all this, and let you all in on my own journey of struggles and triumphs, while it's all happening. 

Living Minnaly means living life to the fullest- savoring the little things, loving yourself, and pushing yourself to grow and learn, especially outside your comfort zone. Feeling the fear, but embracing it and pushing through it anyway. Respecting your health, which means taking care of your body AND mind. Perfection is NOT the name of the game here, but embracing all the messy in-betweens of life is:

THIS is Living Minnaly:

Working out because you love your body and it's a form of self care? YES.
Having one of those days, so you miss your workout, but DON'T give yourself grief over it? YES.
Cook yourself an awesomely nourishing meal from the farmer's market, trying new things? YES.
Eat a giant ice cream cone on the summer boardwalk in a bikini and loving it? YES.
Feeling happy and being grateful for all the little things? YES.
Feeling like a** but embracing the bad feelings to work through it all, instead of sweeping it under a rug and running away? YES.
Embracing your now because life's too short to hate your body and image? YES.
Making real changes to better yourself while still loving & appreciating yourself? YES.
Opening up and being vulnerable with people because life's too short to be inauthentic? YES.
Getting off the elliptical to try weights even though you're scared sh**less? YES.
Trying out something new, have no idea what you're doing, but trying anyway? YES.
Spreading kindness + love, even when you don't feel like it? Especially when you don't? YES.

How to Navigate the Blog + What's New

Experience | Exercise | Eat

As you see on the navigation bar, I've divided up this blog into three main sections:
Experience, Exercise, and Eat.
To me, those three are a true reflection of the wonderful things life has to offer.

Experience covers posts about Life's Journey + Lessons, and Traveling Minnaly.
You'll find articles on bettering yourself, personal posts of my own journey, life lessons I've learned, and of course, traveling, because I truly believe in its importance in opening your eyes to a world bigger than yourself.

Exercise covers posts about Real Talk + Training. You'll find posts on trainer's recommendations, how-to's, real health facts, talking nerdy exercise science in human lingo, and all things any fitness fiend will enjoy. The training section has been snoozing for awhile, so that'll be kicking it up a few gears soon!

Eat covers Nutrition + Cooking, and a plethora of recipes (all divided by category in the navigation menu bar). I am a nutrition coach and I just like eating healthily, so you'll mainly find nutritious eats here, BUT I am also a human who adores ice cream and baking, so there's that stuff too because #life.


New/Updated pages:


In line with the direction we're heading, I redefined what this blog truly is and shared a little about me.


Not only do I offer in-person personal training and nutrition coaching, I also offer coaching online. This page gives you more information on my credentials, training style & philosophy, and background. Always feel free to message me with any questions!


This is a new page- several of my clients (the ones who work in marketing and business, shocker!) have badgered me for years on how I need to share some testimonials. You all know I'm not keen on the before & after photos, so instead, I share some ridiculously nice words some of my clients have shared about me. Sob.

So, that's it you guys-- always love hearing more from you and what you'd like to see on here too, so shout them out!

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