Favorite Friday Finds 15.0

Happy Friday, everyone!

Oh, this week has been quite the frenzied hurricane. Settling back in to your usual routine and work schedule after travels always throws you for a little loop, and this time seemed to be a little more drastic than usual for me. I haven't taken a formal vacation trip since the holidays of 2012, and I forgot how much the travel bug's bites linger afterward. Having to go through all your travel photos for work only exacerbates the feelings of wanderlust and a need to go out and continually explore. 

I wish that I had gotten to post more this week, but my computer seems to be speaking (typing?) its last words in its final days...so that has slowed me down drastically. I've been frantically trying to figure out a solution but I think its finally time for a new computer. My dream scenario would be having a desktop at home to keep all my storage and do photo/video editing, then have a light, portable laptop to work on the go, but that will be a bit... wallet-robbing. My fellow bloggers out there- what ways do you prefer to do your work?

Now onto the 15th installment of Favorite Friday Finds.
Here are the 6 things that inspired me, taught me, and made me laugh/smile:


1. I always stress the importance of "Me" time. As an introvert, this is particularly important for me to recharge my creative batteries and soul. This infographic by Happify is fantastic on explaining why some quality time with you helps enhance all other aspects of your life.

My first Instagram that T&L regrammed for #thisisfall

My first Instagram that T&L regrammed for #thisisfall

2. Autumn is my favorite season, one of the biggest reasons being that the Northeast turns into this brilliant landscape of beautiful reds, oranges, golds, and greens with the fall foliage. One of boyfriend and my favorite things to do is go on roadtrips together, so now I'm dreaming about T&L's list of best foliage drives in America.



3. Sigh. Vogue. Why. One of my beloved publications put out this extremely misinformed article about foam rolling, since it's now a "trendy" fitness activity. As a trigger-point therapy certified trainer who is mildly obsessed with myofascial work, my heart ached while reading this article that just perpetuated false information about foam-rolling and its benefits. Tony Gentilcore, one of my favorite fitness writers and coaches, wrote a great response to the article breaking down the facts of why the article's claims are just plain silly and to thank them for setting women's fitness back a few decades.
Last words from me: Foam rolling's purposes is not to make you long, lean, or redistribute "bulk" (insert major eye-roll). 


4. Why can't any of us ladies take compliments graciously? I am the absolute worst at this. A compliment always incites a rebuttal, an excuse, or rationalization, rather than simply saying thank you. Amy Schumer nails it again with this hilarious sketch


5. While I try not to go into my political views too much on here, I think everyone has already or will enjoy this hilarious Jimmy Fallon sketch with Hillary Clinton. Oh Jimmy, I love you.

6. I have been a little obsessed with penguins lately, and this video of them being the clumsiest little creatures makes me eyes bug out of my head with little hearts. Try to not smile, I dare you.

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