Favorite Friday Finds 12.0

Ah. It feels good to be back. I've actually really missed posting this series in particular: Friday Favorite Finds. To say it's been long overdue (my last one was on February 20th!) would be an understatement. 

Friday Favorite Finds are some of my favorites to share because I'm always finding random articles and photos I'm constantly emailing to my friends and family, so I want to include you all in the fun shares as well. This week's edition is more of an ICYMI (in case you missed it), as you might have seen some of these links circulating around the interwebs already, but they are not to be missed!

Here are the seven things that I was inspired by, learned from, and laughed and smiled at this week. Would love to hear any fun things you've read, as well! 


1. I loved this Nike "Better For It" video campaign- I think every woman can empathize with the struggles and these inner thoughts everyone experiences through exercising. Questioning whether or not you can do it- but learning how to get past that boundary makes you step into a new world of physical possibilities. 

2. Amy Schumer, you are wonderful. Not only did you make me laugh out loud and cry on the subway while reading this article on confidence, but you made this hilarious boy-bander parody video. Just watch it, you'll thank me later!


3. I am always looking up FDA and Food Safety guidelines because I tend to be a very nervous person when it comes to safety of food handling. I sniff and smell everything with an overly wary eye... The Kitchn made this awesome guide on Food Safety in the Kitchen that I wanted to share with all you cooks- new or experienced, everyone could use these tips!

4. Exercise changes your life. We all know this. But this awesome study took identical twins and studied their differences in health, body composition, brain matter. Turns out, regardless of identical genetics and similar eating patterns, their lives and bodies spoke volumes about the differences exercise had made on their physical and mental selves. Worth a read!

Laughed and Smiled

5. This is great- the lexicon of the "haha" "hehe" . I've always been a ridiculously dramatic "hahaha"-er, and I very much understand this line in particular:

"If things get totally bananas, you might throw a few “j”s in there, because you’re too incapacitated by joy to type properly"

[#Petxlab 오늘의 영상]'저게 뭐야!!뭔데 저렇게 맛있는 냄새가 나!!미춰버리겠네~'못말리는 식욕 대장 #말티즈 다콩이<제보 - 신다희>'사랑을 연구합니다'www.petlab.co.kr#반려동물 정보, 커뮤니티, #Petvideo

Posted by Petple on Friday, January 9, 2015

6. Honestly, this is how I feel when I've just had a killer workout, dinner is cooking on the stove, but the hangry hits...

Doggie Workout

German Shepherd Follows Owner Through Workout. Tag A Dog Owner

Posted by Colin Wayne on Monday, January 26, 2015

7. Can I have a puppy that works out with me too?

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