Friday Inspiration and Protein Shake Guide

Happy Friday, everyone!

NYC has just turned into a giant slurpee this past week with rather bipolar weather, and yesterday it was so cold I lost all feeling in my face when I walked for 10 blocks outside.

Things are starting to pick up full steam ahead as I've been helping prepare the training team for the opening of Equinox Brookfield place. Opening day is 10 days away and I am having that feeling of that slow climb to the high peak of a rollercoaster. I wish I could hurry it up already and get to the fun drop to get things started!

I'm going to be honest here. With all of these changes happening and how much I've been running around, I feel like I haven't been able to get a moment to sit down and focus 100% on writing. Twelve different half-written articles are just waiting to be finished and published... 

Writing is a process in which I need to be able to fully immerse myself in with absolutely zero distractions and no one around in order to lose myself in my trains of thoughts, and then be able to string them together in coherent sentences. Coming home from 15-16 hour workdays that start at 5am don't exactly make me feel so creative and when I arrive home and am facing a blank word document. It also doesn't help that my laptop is mildly ancient and is giving me the rainbow spinning wheel of death every two seconds, freezing up on me. 

Anyhow, I am focusing on trying to unwind this weekend in hopes that my mind will settle back into a creative state again. I'll be sitting down with some good coffee and surrounding myself by positive sources of inspiration.

On that note, I'd like to leave you with some weekend inspiration and an awesome protein shake guide below:

Precision Nutrition, the organization that I am working on getting my nutritional coaching certification through, puts up some awesome articles. One of my clients asked how I like to construct my smoothies in terms of protein and veggie content, and this infographic chart nails it on the head.

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