For some reason, feeling and knowing deep down that you are enough is one of the hardest things to learn. Even the most self-assured confident person will feel this self-doubt from time to time. 

Especially in a day and time when the social media filter can make your life feel like it doesn't measure up to what it "should" be (aka when it's 1am on a Saturday and you're sitting there alone with unwashed hair, takeout food, your credit card bills, and that zit that just won't quit, while staring at a screen of "effortlessly" put together street-style girls with monogrammed designer luggage jetting off to their fourth new country in the past month [seriously]), it's easy to wish for someone else's life- even if only for a moment.

Well, can I tell you something?

You are enough. 

"Be careful who you pretend to be; you might forget who you are."

The real you, the you with all your quirks, flaws, scars, and uniqueness, is amazing and special.

It's up to us to live our authentic lives- that is the key to unlocking the life you are meant to live and who you are supposed to be. If you change you, you might actually miss your calling and what you were put on this earth to do. We are stumbling around here on earth, all chasing to understand our purpose in our lives. But you just might miss that big glaring sign meant for you if you're pretending or trying to be someone else. 

BUT don't get me wrong here- I don't mean to imply that you should be complacent or not strive for more. By being enough, it doesn't mean that you are at your full potential or that you've topped out. 

You can be enough AND more. At the same time

Just because you are trying to change or do more or be better, doesn't mean that you are discounting or invalidating your current self, saying that your current self isn't enough.

You can love your body while trying to change it at the same time. You can respect yourself while still learning from your mistakes. You can be successful while still striving for more career achievement. You can be not good at something while still knowing it doesn't determine your worth. You can be sad while still being okay. You can be incandescently happy while still working for something you want. You can be happily single while still searching for love. You can be happily in love together while still developing as individuals. 

Point is, we're all works in progress. Let's love ourselves while we still have that "under construction" sign on our heads, and appreciate every step of the way on the journey. 

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