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When compiling this roundup, I noticed that I had bookmarked a lot of links on lady power this week. Or, to use the word that some people have an unfortunate misunderstanding of: FEMINISM.

So, I decided to make this a special edition of Favorite Friday Finds: #LadyBoss edition. 

I pride myself on being a strong, independent Woman with a capital W. I take particular pride in these characteristics, having gone through periods of my life during which I lost my voice and confidence and didn't feel this way. Those periods of time stemmed from many of the common phenomenons that we, women in particular, face in the workplace, our fitness/body image, relationships, and many a social situation in general. 

Phenomenons such as apologizing for having an opinion, and having to vocally self-deprecate the validity of your thoughts in order to appease others and sound "acceptable." Important thing to highlight here though, is that women do this with women too- it's not just women while in the presence of men. Nothing I disrespect more than lady bosses who encourage this kind of intimidation cr*p. Ladies, let's stop apologizing for our presence, and SPEAK- ain't nothing gonna change unless we change it.

On that note, let's kick it off my 5 favorite #LadyBoss Moments of the week:

1. Who better than the badass, beautiful human being, Connie Britton. This clip is just so *hands praise emoji*

2. Just yes. Yes, yes, and yes to this perfectly timed, symbolic "NO." Buzzfeed for the win here, made this hilarious roundup of 14 Perfect Situations for Hillary's Badass NO. I want to use this GIF all day, every day.

3. ICYMI or if you've been living under a rock, JLaw penned an article addressing the disparity of expectations and social norms when it comes to having a pair of boobs. 

The biggest thing from her words that jumped out at me, was the fear of appearing "difficult" or "spoiled" when it comes to asking for things, as a woman in the working world. I don't know about you, but I'm sick of apologizing for my existence, my brain, my opinions, my fortitude, and my needs. The Washington Post did an awesome article on Famous Quotes: The Way a Woman Would Have to Say Them in a Meeting. I'd like to say that these are exaggerating, but they are most starkly a reality. 

4. On the note of not needing to apologize... #sorrynotsorry. I loved this article (literally called Sorry, Not Sorry: How to Stop Apologizing for Being You) and it resonated with me so much because I see these things in myself, my friends, my family, and my clients-- all the time. This one definitely also applies to men (as do many of these, because well, all men and women should be all about that feminism- [love you, Emma Watson, and thank you for HeForShe]). 

We are all conditioned to apologize for things that make up the very essence of us. Our voices, our opinions, our thoughts, and our feelings. Time to start re-examining those roots of why we feel the need to apologize.

5. Can't do a #LadyBoss article without a little humor from Amy Schumer. 

This is something that drives me absolutely insane- women who tear themselves down when receiving a compliment, driving the point home that they don't believe they are deserving of it. This sketch is hilariously exaggerated but allllll the feels and it is so true- am I right? 

6. Lastly, because I obviously can't not include a #girlswholift (please don't hate me for the excessive hashtags in this post...) highlight-- Jen Sinkler is one badass chick in the fitness industry. She lives what she preaches, and she is incredibly knowledgeable- one of the handful of fitness professionals and writers whose advice I wholly trust. 

I am ordering myself one of these "unapologetically strong" tanks, because that sums up exactly they way I feel-- it took me a long time to get here and it's still always a process of learning, but boy is the grass greener of this hill. Also, bonus! 10% off these tanks with the code: STOCKTOBER

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