Strength in Caring (and actually giving a shit)

Showin a lil love.

Showin a lil love.

Out of the problematic social phenomenons in our world, I think one of our worst is the lack of caring- or let me rephrase: the caring is there but for so long now we have been encouraged to play it cool and act blasé or indifferent. So when we're faced with actually showing feelings, we are paralyzed in fear of putting ourselves out there and actually revealing that we give a shit.

Let's first take the very simplest of examples: the act of complimenting. It's funny, really, what a world of difference it can make in someone's day, but people can be so hesitant to give such an innocuous thing.

I was with a friend a few weeks ago when she remarked how the girl sitting at the table over from us at a cafe had this really cool haircut and how she had been looking for a new hairstylist for weeks. My friend was considering complimenting this girl and asking her who her stylist was for a split second, but then said, "I want to, but nah I don't want to be weird." And we just left it at that.

Let's pause for a second- why would paying that girl a compliment be "weird?" Yet this is such a commonplace attitude.

Don't be afraid to act like you fucking care __ living minnaly

A strange sense of fear in seeming too interested plagues us in so many areas- relationships with friends, with significant others. The stupid, stupid situation of not wanting to be the person that texts first or to initiate conversations needs to stop.

And I get it- in relationships, friendly or romantic, no one wants to be the one that cares the most. Because that means that you're out on that tree limb, vulnerable, and you've now given another person the power and ability to affect you and your feelings. 

But showing appreciation or care for someone is never a bad thing and we need to stop discouraging that by trying to play things cool. It takes an enormous amount of strength and confidence to show another person how you care. There's a lot of strength to be found in embracing vulnerability and actually giving a shit.

Be that person that takes that first step. We shouldn't wait for some utter catastrophe to happen to make us realize all the things that we wish we should have said to our friends, family, and loves.

I hope this inspires you to stop holding back and just express your care and appreciation for the special people in your lives- everyone could always use to hear and spread a little more love!

Girl nails it on the head.

Girl nails it on the head.