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Hello friends!

Today I am headed off to Montréal for a little trip I have been looking forward to this trip since the minute I booked it last month. I have never been to Canada before, only having met some wonderful Canadians during my figure skating days, and I can tell I've already picked a great first city to visit in the country from all the great things I've heard about it. 

I will be taking a short little hiatus til the New Year, as I want to give myself a chance to really immerse myself in the city and disconnect a bit. That being said, I will most definitely be Instagramming up a storm over on my Insta feed, so please follow along HERE if you'd like to keep up with my adventures and watch me turn into a giant, frozen, yet happy Snowman. 

Don't you worry though, I will be doing a giant recap of the whole trip when I return, and I also have a great New Years posting for you guys I'll be putting up while I'm gone. To tide you over in the meantime, check out my post on 4 Things to Do Instead of Resolutions

Here are the eight things that I was inspired by, learned from, and laughed and smiled at this week. Would love to hear any fun things you've read, as well! 



1. I came across Dale Partridge's Twitter a few months ago, and I love some of the succinctly insightful quotes and inspirational messages he'll tweet out- my favorite one was the one above that he posted this week. I really mean what I said in my post about strength in caring. If you don't show someone you care and your understanding, how will they know?

2. All my inspiration this week is coming in the form of quotes. It must be the cheesy, hazy glow of the holidays- and who am I kidding, I'm such a sucker for these things. Nothing better than a little awesome Dr. Seuss to give you a little extra assurance that you're gonna be alright.


Image: Precision Nutrition

Image: Precision Nutrition

3. I absolutely loved this infographic and accompanying article by Precision Nutrition on "The Cost of Getting Lean." It covers and expands upon exactly what I discussed about realistic goal-setting- your goals must be in line with the work that you're willing to put in for it. 

4. You guys know I love my Ted Talks. I really enjoyed this one by social psychologist, Emily Balcetis on vision/perspective and exercise. What she discusses can really be applied to things we strive to achieve in life, even past fitness.

5. Posted this to my Facebook last week, but MindBodyGreen (love this website!) put up an great roundup of 7 Things You Think Are Good For You But Are Actually Wasting Your Time. Amen!


Laughed and Smiled

6. The fact that I am in love with John Krasinski is no secret. My friend MC and I even had Baristart put Jim and Pam in our lattes last year. 

Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney have had an annual holiday tradition with neighbors John Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt (what I would give to be their neighbor?!)- they play absurd pranks on each other. Please watch this ridiculous video and laugh your face off.

7. I've always thought the concept of "One Size Fits All" to be absurd. As a short girl with boobs and a butt, I've suffered through the gamut of wardrobe difficulties: chopping 6 inches off jeans, having the butt be too tight in the jeans and waistband far too big, sweaters that are supposed to look all cute and drapey look like a tent on little old me. 

I found this Buzzfeed article that shows 6 different girls of different sizes try on all "O/S" clothing from Brandy Melville, a store that only sells O/S clothes- the result is hilarious, sad, and eye-opening to the bizarre world we live in where manufacturers think that one size fits all women. I've talked about this before about the ridiculous beauty battle of impossible standards that we women (and men!) face in society. I'm glad more attention is being brought to this!

What are some things on the internet this week that you guys found that inspired you, that you learned something from, and that made you laugh/smile? Would love if you shared!

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