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My 3 Spring Produce Favorites + 9 Recipes

One of my favorite parts of a new season, is welcoming seasonal produce that hasn't been around in some time. And while some produce is available nearly year-round, you'll find that it never tastes quite as amazing (or is as cheap!) as when it is in season. 

Eating seasonally and locally is something that is super important to me (post coming next week on that!), as there are nothing but benefits on all fronts of doing so. It's cheaper because it's easier for your local farmers to produce during optimal conditions for that produce, it's tastier because it's optimal weather conditions to create fresh flavor, AND it's more nutrient-dense during peak season than any other time. 

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12 Festive Holiday Recipes

Happy Friday, everyone! 

We are officially in the single-digit countdown to Christmas! And it is FRIGID outside in NYC today, oh boy. But I'm trying to embrace that "Hygge" feeling, regardless!

If work and life have been keeping you busy and unable to join in on holiday activities like holiday baking, I've got a perfect roundup of festive holiday recipes for you guys today to jump right in.

Many of these recipes are super easy and don't require much advance cooking or baking skills, so there's no intimidation factor here! Also most of these are gluten-free and vegan optional for those with dietary restrictions....

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Strawberry Recipe Roundup

Truth be told, I've been rather unimaginative in the kitchen. And I'm not giving myself a hard time about it. I've been challenging myself to cook all my meals (except social occasions) at home, and I've been doing really well! The catch is, is that I've been so busy lately that I am sticking to the basics and pretty much eating the same foods everyday. There have been...

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