Simple Shishito Peppers

These have been popping up more and more frequently at restaurants all over the city. A popular bar food in Japan, blistered shishito peppers are best cooked and served simple. Fun fact: about every 1 out of 7 of these peppers are pretty spicy. The rest of them are pretty mild, but the smaller the pepper, the higher chance of spicy-ness there is.

There's really not much of a backstory to this, other than it's been on my list of things I've been meaning to try to make at home, and the perfect occasion came up last week when I wanted a side dish to serve when I made my seasonal socca skillet for dinner with my cousin. They were a perfect complement to the socca and such a tasty side dish!

It takes about 10 minutes to make and has a very short ingredient list. 

Plated in eco-friendly compostable  bamboo plates  from Provisions Food52

Plated in eco-friendly compostable bamboo plates from Provisions Food52

Simple Shishito Peppers


About a dozen Shishito Peppers
1.5 tbsp EVOO
Himalayan Pink Salt or Sea Salt


1. Add oil to and heat skillet or pan on medium-high heat until hot, but not smoking.

2. Throw peppers onto the pan. Let cook for several minutes on each side, until blistered.

*Tip: loosely cover skillet with a splatter screen or piece of aluminum foil to prevent oil from splattering everywhere/on you!

3. Remove from heat, plate it, sprinkle with salt, and serve!

Blistered goodness.

Blistered goodness.