Popped Sorghum

Move aside popcorn: the non-GMO and healthier mini version upgrade of you is here! This is probably one of my cooler discoveries lately. Maybe I'm the only one nerdy enough to be fascinating by it, but it is pretty damn cool. I also have a problem that when anything comes in miniature sizing, I am immediately like ============>>>>

I mentioned sorghum in my grain guide, and promised to put up how to make popped sorghum, so here it is. Because it's the first day of October, I'm feeling some upcoming cozy fall movie nights and this is THE snack for it.

As a refresher, sorghum is an ancient, non-GMO, gluten-free grain- 1/4 cup uncooked contains 175.5 calories/1.5g Fat/35g Carbs (3g Fiber/0g Sugar)/5.5g Protein. Ain't too shabby. 

Lil sorghum nuggets.

Lil sorghum nuggets.

Sorghum is definitely not very common yet in most commercial grocery stores, but Amazon Prime comes in the clutch again! I tend to order some of my harder to find grains and such like sorghum and einkorn through it. And it's at my doorstep in two days- double win.


Popped Sorghum

*makes ~1 cup popped


1/4 cup Sorghum grain
<1 tbsp Coconut Oil 
Any seasonings you like:
I like himalayan pink salt & garlic powder-
cinnamon & a touch of coconut sugar
is great if you want a little sweet treat.


1. Place coconut oil in a pot on the stovetop on medium heat. Let it heat up for about 1 minute until fully clear and coating the bottom surface of the pot.

2. Pour sorghum in, quickly cover pot with the top, and gently shake pot to evenly coat grains in the coconut oil.

3. You should shortly hear the popping begin. Every 5 seconds or so, give the pot a little shake to toss the grains around.

4. When the popping slows to a stop, remove from heat, open the lid to sprinkle desired seasonings on, and shake the pot to toss seasonings around. Transfer sorghum to a bowl and munch away!

*Note- sorghum is best popped in small batches at a time- the more that is in the pot, the less of them will end up popping. However! Unlike unpopped popcorn kernels that basically break your teeth when you try to eat them, you can totally eat the unpopped sorghum.

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