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When I think of my health journey with my autoimmune disease, I think of how grateful I am to be in a place where I have so many tools at my disposal to help me manage my symptoms. It hasn't been an easy journey to get here, but having the knowledge of what I need to support my body and keep it performing at its best has been key.

I've been taking a number of supplements to help me manage my hormonal health, but a few months ago I went through a serious phase of focusing on supporting my body's natural detoxification pathways (my liver and kidneys). I was experimenting with a number of natural herbs, such as milk thistle, to help-- but it was beginning to also get overwhelming with the number of supplements I was taking.

While I have a longer post on liver detoxification coming to you guys soon, I wanted to share my experience yesterday from Wanderlust 108 in Prospect Park in Brooklyn with Swisse Wellness at their Destination Happiness pop-up, and what I learned about their awesome supplements!

I was recently introduced to the company, as they launched in the US last fall, but they've been Australia's top supplement company for years!

I was particularly interested in their Liver Detox supplement, which contains turmeric, milk thistle and a concentration of Globe artichoke extract. All of these are natural ingredients used for centuries to aid your liver in all of its important functions, and stuff I had been taking in separate supplements-- so it is so awesome that I can get a combination supplement! One other formula that was recommended to me based off the survey I took at Destination Happiness, was the Sleep supplement-- it’s a melatonin-free formula with natural herbs and vitamins, help support cortisol (a stress hormone) regulation.

It was also really awesome to see all the fresh herbs and plants that these supplements are derived from right there-- you rarely get to see things like fresh turmeric root (the whole plant!) and milk thistle in its original forms, so it was wonderful to see all their natural ingredients proudly on full display.

Destination Happiness was such a fun part of Wanderlust 108-- they had a quiet tent that had guided 5-min meditations with headphones, a braid bar with samples of their hair, nails, and skin liquid supplement, a chair massage corner, and places to rest and rejuvenate during such an activity-filled day!

Want to join in on the fun?
Enter this amazing contest to win a trip for 2 to go to Wanderlust 108 in Austin, TX in November, with Swisse! 
Learn more HERE.

Thanks so much to Swisse Wellness for partnering on this post and taking me to all the fun at Wanderlust 108!

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