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So as I'm sure you guys know, I moved to Brooklyn almost 3 months ago!

I am so happy about being in Brooklyn for a number of reasons: I get to be close to my sister, her hubs, and my baby niece (who was the cutest helper while unpacking, see above 😂, I get to explore living in a new neighborhood for the first time in 6 years, and I really just needed a change of environment and pace.

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While I was SO excited to move, the actual prospect of moving scared me. I was doing it entirely by myself, and the last time I moved by myself was from a dorm room to my apartment I had right before this. I had like 4 dishes, some Ikea furniture, and a lot of clothes, but that was about it. This time, I had SO much kitchen stuff (#foodbloggingproblems), furniture, etc.

Not only do you have to be concerned about packing and protecting your stuff on the move, there are A LOT of logistics when it comes to moving in NYC. Insurance, permits, elevator reservations (if you have one); it's enough to make your head spin. I know what I'm an expert in and what is valuable for me to be spending my time on, and it is not this😂 I wanted a moving company that was very all-inclusive and it was actually quite hard to find one.

But I discovered and called up Roadway to help me out, and I'm so glad I did. What could have been a disaster, was made much less stressful with their expert help.

I know moving can be such a stressful experience (especially within NYC!), so I teamed up with Roadway to give you our best tips for preparing for and doing a move that is as stress-free as a move can be!

Preparation tips from me:

1. Marie Kondo your ENTIRE place

Be ruthless. Have you not worn or used something in the past year? It's gotta go. Gather up your things. No joke, I filled up 4 ThredUp donation bags of clothes (they make it easy by sending you a prepaid bag, so no trip needed to a Goodwill if you're pressed for time!), gave away a lot of stuff to friends, and purged my place.

The last thing you want to deal with on top of unpacking in your new place, is ending up with a ton of stuff you can't find a place for or throwing things out. 

2. Use paper towels to pack your dishes

I know this might be controversial, in terms of waste but I actually think it's FAR less wasteful and environmentally damaging to do this than to use less bubble wrap (not recyclable at most curbside pickup programs), foam packaging (definitely not recyclable), or plastic. I still had to use bubble wrap for certain fragile items, but dishes and such were all wrapped up with paper towels.

Paper towels not only really protect your dishes, but you WILL definitely reuse them as soon as you move to clean your new place and inevitable messes. I like things that are dual purpose, so this works for me. 

3. Move your plant babies over early

Okay, this might be a little psycho but I took a separate car to take all my plant babies over safely. When you have ....15+ plant babies, the cost of an uber will be well worth saving your anxiety that you'd have just having your moving company do it. I'm sure Roadway would have been careful and great, but I'm a helicopter mom when it comes to my plant babies haha!

Moving logistic tips from Roadway:

1. Do your research

Check reviews / content posted by customers on various sites (Yelp, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, BBB, MyMovingReviews)

2. Flat rates + check the fine print

To avoid extra charges only move with a company that offers a flat rate – get a guaranteed price in writing and check the FINE print.  

3. Count your inventory accurately

Have a list of your inventory prior to calling your moving company, they will need this to give an accurate quote

4. Insurance

Ask if the company provides certificate of insurance if you live in a high rise building. 
Invest in moving insurance if you have valuable items.  You can check with your home insurance policy first but reputable moving companies will offer full valuation.
All moving companies should offer basic insurance without an extra cost associated with it, ask how much they cover per pound.   

5. Packing

Most companies will offer full packing but it does come at an extra charge.  However, there are items that Roadway offers at no charge (3 Wardrobe boxes or 15 regular boxes and packing up of heavier items like TVs and furniture etc.).  Asking what items they will definitely pack and what will cost extra like mirrors is good to find out to avoid over packing.  

6. Parking and unloading your goods

If you’re moving in NYC, ask your moving company if they handle permits and tickets.  

My experience

Not a single thing broken or scratched with Roadway! My movers were also very helpful and friendly, so that makes things much more comfortable.

A huge thanks to them for partnering with me on this move + on this helpful post for you guys!



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